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Lush - Guardians Of The Forest Bath Bomb

November 10, 2017

Another Lush review on my blog? *pretends to be shocked*

This time on my blog I'll be talking about Lush's Guardian Of The Forest bath bomb, for those of you who aren't familiar with it or its ingredients you can check it out on their website HERE. It's actually one of my favourite bombs for a variety of reasons but one thing I like about this in particular is the design:
Sweet ball of nature
The intricate little decals of leaves on the outside give it a real nature feel and I'm a huge sucker for well decorated products. The bomb itself is quite sturdy, although I wouldn't recommend dropping it because then you'll have no bath bomb and that's just sad.
Green fizz
When it touches the water there is a great fizzing sound and instantly the smell of nature hits your senses, it reminds me of the woods first thing in the morning when the dew is still on the leaves. The water it touches is tinted green in various shades from a light grassy colour to a deep moss shade, this appeals to the whole nature theme that Lush were going for with it.
God bless my iPhone camera for this shot
After the initial fizz begins and you see the colours on the outside peel away, a pale daffodil type colour emerges from the center and leaks into the water. This makes for a bright, frothy mixture that is both appealing and interesting to watch as it all blends within your bath.
Its so green...
As a result your bath will be full of green, nature scented water with a colourful and frothy top to it, I personally love bathing in something that reminds me of a grassy meadow but if you don't like earthy scents then avoid this one! As a personal recommendation I suggest adding Lush's Grass bubble bar with this bath bomb to add to the nature theme, you can find out more about that HERE.


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  1. This looks amazing! I LOVE Lush but I'm such a newbie to the bath bombs. I want to try them all! I have a Twilight bath bomb waiting to be used so I feel like you've inspired me to run a bath tonight! I love the green colour of this one.

    Alice x | invocati

    1. Twilight is amazing I hope you enjoyed it! Thank you for reading xx