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My Favourite Face Mask

November 01, 2017

Most people are constantly on the lookout for a new skin product to help keep their skin looking vibrant, healthy and smooth - myself included. I personally suffer from oily, extremely sensitive skin that breaks out if I so much as LOOK at it wrong and I've been searching for a product (or products) that would help and I'm pretty sure I've found it...
The Body Shop seaweed skin range
On my birthday a few weeks ago I visited my local Body Shop store and asked for help with my skin, at this point I was sick of seeing red sores and blemishes across my face! The guy who helped me told me that the Tea Tree products I'd been using wouldn't help my skin but rather they'd irritate it further, and instead directed me to their seaweed range. I ended up buying one of everything from their toner, to their oil control lotion and this particular face mask:
Seaweed Oil Balancing Clay Mask
Now I have one of their clay masks in my large "Zara's skin product" basket that I tried and reviewed before (check that out HERE) and while I enjoyed that product I've since ran out and wanted to give this a go. So about this mask, first of all it is the softest, smoothest thing I've ever put on my face and that's saying something since I've tried many a mask in my day. The application is very easy and even a small amount coats your face in the product so you don't need much at all, and what you do put on easily spreads across your skin nicely. After putting this on and letting it dry for a few minutes the mask had left a soft, pale blue residue on my skin that smelt so refreshing and clean. It dries pretty fast so within fifteen minutes I'd washed it off and could feel a great difference in my skin, it was softer and the parts that had been red seemed soothed and less swollen.

After using this once a week I've noticed an amazing difference in my skin to the point that my original acne has just about vanished! Pairing it with all the other products in the seaweed line my skin has never felt better, so those with skin similar to mine may benefit from this. You can look up this product and the whole seaweed collection online HERE.


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  1. I love the Body Shop Skincare. I have oily skin also but I’ve not actually tried this. I really need to get on it. It sounds so good!
    Mel x

    1. Their Seaweed range is fantastic! Thank you for reading xx