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Lush - Relax Gift Set

November 26, 2017

Whenever I shop at Lush I mostly stick to the same products and gift sets that I'm familiar with but I decided to try something new out of curiosity, one of the first new things I've decided to try is the Relax Gift Set!
I think what drew my in about this gift is the bright colours, the products inside and the overall presentation of it. This set is £14.95 and you get four products which I will show below, and although I'm a huge bath bomb and bubble bar fan I'm looking for new shower gels and lotions to try.

Inside this set you get:

1. Butterball bath bomb
2. Twilight shower gel
3. Dream Cream hand and body lotion
4. French Kiss bubble bar
So many lovely products!
Butterball bath bomb: this is a really sweet, creamy smelling product that is really soothing for irritated skin and its actually one of the few bath bombs my mum uses despite her eczema. Even though its small in size its still a lovely product and I always use this to relax with
Twilight: I haven't actually tried this before so I'm completely new to the whole Twilight shower gel experience, I have had the Twilight bath bombs though and I really enjoyed those so who knows it might be like that! The smell seems similar so I have faith that it won't be too new to my senses.
Dream Cream: I'm not one for hand lotions or body lotions from Lush simply because I've never thought to look into them, but I'm excited to try this out and who knows I might have a new favourite product. I've heard good things about this and hopefully it'll make my hands as soft as silk, which would be great for them seeing as they get a lot of abuse from washing dishes and doing chemical experiments in class.
Dream Cream
French Kiss: Another one I've used before but I do enjoy this and I haven't had one of these for quite some time now, I really love the purple and white colour scheme as well as the lavender scent. I always see these in the store and online with a little sprig of lavender sticking out of it but whenever I order one online it never has one in, which is kinda sad but oh well!
French Kiss
So there's a mix of products I already know and products I'm new to and hopefully I'll enjoy the new additions to my Lush collection, it just means I'll have found more Lush stuff to spend my money on....oops!


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