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Bonfire Night - 2017

November 06, 2017

Bonfire night, Guy Fawkes night, Firework night or just November 5th; everyone has their own little name for this particular day but in the UK we celebrate this day with lots of food, coloured gunpowder and large piles of burning wood. That might sound really odd to people who don't know of this tradition or why we do it so to save time here's a cool wiki article where you can read up on the background info: CLICK HERE
Barton Bonfire
All caught up? Great! So anyway last night was our bonfire night and here's how I spent it:

First off I had a cute little lush bath to get myself ready for a night out and why not start with an appropriately named bath bomb called "Shoot For The Stars" that my little white teddy was holding onto for me. By the way that bear is "Benny the bath bomb bear" he holds the bath bombs for me so I can take pictures of them and its pretty darned sweet! So I popped my Shoot For The Stars into the water in an attempt to kick off my bonfire night smelling like Cocoa butter, Coconut cream, Brazilian orange oil and Bergamont oil.
Benny the bath bomb bear doing his job
The amazing thing about this bath bomb is once you put it in the water and let it fizz all the blue away you get these really soft star shaped clumps of coca butter that feel amazing on the skin!
Shoot for the stars
Once bath time was over and I was ready to go to my local bonfire celebration I strapped on my thick boots and myself and my boyfriend Craig began our walk. Sadly Craig had a car crash at the beginning of the day so walking past the little pieces of his headlights still on the street was a tad painful for both of us, for me because I was so worried about him and for him because he lost his car. After we had our cringe and carried on our journey we arrived at the bonfire ahead of time so we thought we'd grab some food (as you do) and some coffee, I was delighted to see that a burger van was offering vegetable burgers!
Best veggie burger ever sorry Nandos
I opted for no cheese or mayo so it was 100% vegan and the kind people who ran the van allowed me to check all their sauce ingredients to see what was vegan and I was thrilled to see that my usual sweet chilli sauce was safe for me to eat. It was hands down the best burger I'd ever had and I was almost tempted by a second but I restrained myself (found a toffee apple though ayyy) and we went to stand around the bonfire fence.
Autumn in a nutshell
The bonfire kept us super warm and it was nice to huddle up with some water and sweet treats while we waited for our display, I tried so hard to get decent photos of the fireworks but alas I failed which led to me putting out this frustrated tweet:
I actually got some helpful feedback so thanks Twitter

However the fireworks were extremely lovely and even had some that reminded me of the ones Fred and George set off to annoy Umbridge in Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix! Me and Craig had a great time and took a cute little selfie while getting warm, it's not a bad photo except due to the heat of the bonfire I could barely see...
The filter only recognised my face, Craig has no face apparently???
However you spent the 5th I hope you had a great day/night and I can't wait to do it all again next year, although let's get Christmas and Summer out the way first shall we?


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