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Why Biology Is My Favourite Science

October 25, 2017

We all have a favourite topic at school; for some its maths, for others its sport and for me its science. More specifically I LOVE biology and everything to do with it, luckily I get to study it for six hours a week! [WARNING: below is a photo from one of my dissections so if you're squeamish just scroll past it!]
Sheep kidney!
From observing cells under a microscope and noting their colour changes, to dissecting an organ and its properties I enjoy every minute of my biology classes and can't wait until I have a biology themed career! My main ideal career lies in either Pathology or Microbiology because those are my specific favourite topics within biology.
Microscope slide of a blood smear!
I'm in my final year of Medical Sciences at college and next year will be my first year of university so fingers crossed I can follow my passion and become a kickass biologist! I've already applied to three different universities to study Biomedical Science (my choices were Hull, Lincoln and Sheffield) and I'm working super hard to get my work done in time to start Uni in September 2018.
Close up of an onion cell in hypo-tonic pressure
If anyone else shares a passion for a specific subject or topic let me know in the comments, I love hearing people speak about things they enjoy!


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