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Vegan Nandos?? Yum!

October 30, 2017

As many may know I do enjoy a good Nandos now and again, and the last time I went was a few months ago when I reviewed their vegetarian options (you can find that post HERE) but I hadn't really gone since becoming vegan so yesterday I decided to go and try one of their new vegan friendly burgers that I'd heard so much about.

The man who served me was absolutely lovely and even gave me their official booklet of ingredients so I could see all the options suitable for vegans, this I really appreciated because for a place that specialises in chicken they made me feel very welcome. I liked the look of all their food on the menu but I was too eager for one of their new burgers!
Good Old Nandos
The two new veggie options for those unaware are the Sweet Potato & Butternut Burger/Wrap/Pitta and the Supergreen Bugger/Pitta/Wrap, these can be made vegan friendly when you opt for no mayonnaise or cheese which is what I did. The Supergreen is a blend of kale, edamame beans and broccoli whereas the Sweet Potato & Butternut Squash contains spiced peppers and onions...so, which one did I get?
Veggie goodness
 I chose the Supergreen burger without mayo and I had spicy rice and corn for my sides, I love their peri-peri chips but I decided to be good and get something lighter. The burger itself was absolutely gorgeous and had a soft, melt-in-your-mouth texture and I could taste all of the ingredients very clearly. Paired with lettuce and tomato the Supergreen is like a tasty, filling salad all wrapped up in a lightly toasted muffin bun that gives it the faintest crunch. EDIT: I have since been informed that the rice actually contains milk which I did not know when I wrote this so this meal isn't 100% vegan, just a heads up future readers!

I personally really enjoyed my food and I don't think I've ever had a bad Nandos meal in the two years that I've been eating there, if you like the sound of either of these new veggie burgers then go grab yourself one!


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  1. This sounds pretty good! I'd be interested in trying the sweet potato & butternut squash, as I am obsessed with sweet potato! I'm not vegan myself but I do find I often opt for at least the veggie options in a lot of restaurants; I tend to find them a lot tastier! I'll definitely be giving this a go on my next Nando's trip!

    Alice x | invocati

    1. Sweet potato is lovely and their burger was so good! Glad you like the look of it xx