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Review - Tanya Burr Eye Shadow Palette

October 23, 2017

Is there anything better than getting something that turns you into the human version of the heart eyes emoji?? Of course not, we all love a treat now and again!

I was recently gifted a box full of goodies for my 22nd birthday that I absolutely adore, clearly people have been spying on my beauty wishlist because almost all the things I had my eye on I was given!
So many gorgeous things, I am truly lucky!
One of these gifts in particular caught my eye and I couldn't wait to open it, try it and write about it; the Tanya Burr Cosmetics eye shadow palette is something I've admired online but never gotten around to buying it for myself. I was super delighted to see it in my goodies box along with the other treats.
Beautiful casing
The little casing the product comes in is gorgeous as it is with the pink metallic cover and little pineapples all over it, its also such a light and delicate product that's great for carrying round with you. I think its absolutely stunning and I recommend it to anyone who is a fan of this kind of cosmetic aesthetic.
Those shades though...
Inside you have an adorable heart shaped mirror which is rather sweet in my opinion, followed by four really well pigmented, pineapple printed shadow colours. The look I created with these colours was a subtle, daytime copper and rose gold style that stayed on all day despite it raining buckets on me, I wish I'd taken a photo!

This product retails around £5.99 and there are other products available from the brand that you can browse through on the Superdrug website (CLICK HERE). I was definitely impressed with this product and will be searching for more from this brand, especially as they're cruelty free!


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  1. That PALETTE is so cute. I am a sucker for chrome cased palettes. Its incredibly affordable. Thank you for the great post.

    1. Its so elegant I love it, thank you for reading xx

  2. Oh I have never heard of this beauty line/products. Wish you would taken a picture of your look; made me curious! :)

    Porty's Diary | Facebook | Bloglovin | Blogs Portugal | Twitter

    1. Yeah I need to overcome my shyness and post more photos of myself! Thanks for reading xx

  3. For some reason I'm not the biggest fan of quads, which is why I haven't really looked much into Tanya's eyeshadows but I have to admit the packaging looks amazing! (I also have to admit that I always use the same 4-5 shades on my go to eyeshadow palette so quads are probably not that bad!!) haha


    1. Yeah this is my first quad palette and I'm quite impressed, thanks for reading! xx

  4. I'm always debating the Tanya Burr range as some of the lip colours are gorgeous, love the tone of the this palette and great to hear it's Cruelty free!

    M xxx

    The CSI Girls

    1. I've only just discovered the range so I may have to invest in more of her products! Love CF make up xx