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Lush - Sex Bomb Bath Bomb

October 16, 2017

Everyone who knows me well knows I love Lush bath bombs, but those who REALLY know me well will know that the Sex Bomb is my all time favourite, so I thought I'd share my thoughts on this particular product!
Sex Bomb - Lush Cosmetics
The sex bomb is actually the first bath bomb I ever tried out and you can get this yourself either in one of Lush's stores or online for £3.75! As you can see it has a cutesy little pink and purple design with a little rose flower in the middle which actually floats in your bath water.
Another view
The smells radiating off this bath bomb are amazing and this is probably due to the Jasmine Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil and Sage Oil that they infuse into the mixture. The bomb itself is quite light and easily breakable so care is definitely needed when handling it.
Fizz fizz fizz!
When placed into the water an immediate jet of pink and purple bubbles fizzes out from the bottom of the bomb and the scent amplifies even more, its a fast burner so it doesn't take long for it to dissolve into your water.
There in the water is that rose petal I mentioned which is fastened into the middle of the bomb and released as the bomb dissolves into the water, this is also scented and leaves a gorgeous smell in your water and even on your skin if it touches you!
The end result of this bomb is gorgeous pink waters that smell floral and delightful, it definitely relaxes you and makes you feel like you're floating in a sensual pool of roses and jasmine. I definitely recommend this so anyone wanting a pink, sweet smelling bath experience because you won't be disappointed!


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