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Review - I Heart Make Up Naked Chocolate Palette

October 04, 2017

Hello readers! Alrighty so as most of you know my birthday is coming up and I have recently done a birthday wishlist post (you can read that HERE) and I've also recently written a post about one of the items on there because it was gifted to me as an early gift! That post is available HERE.

This is the second "early birthday gift" post and it's also a review of the amazing Naked Chocolate palette from I Heart Make Up!
I Heart Make Up - Naked Chocolate
This is the second palette that I've gotten from this brand (the review of my first palette can be found HERE) and just like the other I was really impressed with the packaging! The whole Chocolate Bar theme is really cute and slightly appetizing (who doesn't love a bit of chocolate??).
The palette
The palette itself is very delicately made despite its bulky weight, its not something you'd want to drop like I almost did because I'm extremely clumsy! The other palette I have had a more golden-brown theme to it and this just resembles a big slab of white chocolate - mmmmm....
Onto the colours themselves: I'm extremely happy with the shade range and I think the nude tones compliment my eyes and skin very well, there is an option of more creamier shades or dark sultry colours so you can create different looks. I love the paler shades in the palette that you can use as a base for your eyelid because I have a very creamy sort of colour on my eyelid so those will match rather nicely I think!

This was another surprising early birthday gift and I'm super thankful to my friend who got this for me - I hope I can collect more from this brand as they seem to know what a good palette requires!


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  1. I am definitely loving the packaging of this palette! And the shades are all stunning and perfect for every day wear - will definitely be looking into it as I do not currently own anything from this brand. xox

    maria (http://whatismaria.com)

    1. It's fantastic I highly recommend it! Thanks for reading xx