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My 22nd Birthday!

October 10, 2017

So recently my 22nd birthday came and went in a blur of gorgeous food, amazing presents and several glasses of wine, despite having this dreadful cold and my family being unwell also we had a great time! I posted about my birthday on Twitter and received over 85 people wishing me a good day which was so sweet, I was very appreciative for these lovely messages.
Screenshot from my Twitter
I started my day with a lovely card from my mother that almost made me cry because she's so thoughtful and kind, after this it was time for me to venture to college. At college I began the lesson doing a small Microbiology analysis and ended up finishing my second Biology assignment of the year (and I've only been back a month) which felt fantastic. When college was over my friend picked me up and surprised me with a lovely gift and a card that I wasn't expecting at all but was thrilled to receive!
Lush - Hello Gorgeous gift set
 Obviously its common knowledge that I adore Lush products so to get this on my special day made me extremely happy. After showing me the gift he'd gotten me and gotten over my initial "oh my god thank you soooooo much!" babble we went to grab a bite to eat at my favourite little Chinese place located in the St Stephens shopping center. I've actually reviewed this place before (you can read that HERE) and I visit here quite regularly for their vegan friendly cuisine. 
Those green beans are delicious, I could eat them all day!
After this I was extremely full so we had a slow wander round the shopping center where I saw their new Body Shop store, I immediately made a beeline for it because I love their stuff and was excited to see their new shop. While I was there an absolutely lovely gentlemen showed me round and helped me find the perfect products for my skin (which I needed desperately), he was so sweet and accommodating I felt like I'd made a new bestie! He also informed me that because I had spent a certain amount I got a free gift containing their new pumpkin and vanilla body butter and shower gel, I felt truly spoilt by the time I left.
Birthday goodies!
By this time I was getting quite tired from my early start for college and was ready to go home, run a bubble bath and relax, and thats just what I did! A bottle of wine, some snacks, a night of pampering and a good nights sleep was everything I had in mind for my birthday and it felt great to just treat myself. Thank you to my mother, my friends and everyone who helped make my day special I really appreciated it xoxo


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  1. Sorry I didn't see this on that day! Happy birthday beaut! So glad you ha a good day 💖