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Lush Pumpkin Bath Bomb Review

October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween blog readers!

Tis the time of year where things are spooky, chilly and pumpkin scented - including this cute little bath bomb from Lush! This bomb retails for £4.25 and you can find it both in store and online, to check it out click HERE. The bomb itself is vegan and suitable for those like myself looking for a Halloween themed bath gift!
This little orange ball of pimento berry oil, vanilla absolute and cinnamon bark oil is no trick on the buyer, it's pleasant and refreshing scent makes for quite a bath time treat! The little jack-o-lantern style is perfect for a Halloween themed pamper session so put on some music, light some candles and get cosy.
Trick or treat?
As for the design of the bomb in water what it lacks in glitter and sparkle it makes up for in a big burst of orange fizz that smells sweet with a citrus undertone. The end result is a bright sunset coloured bath with streams of white touching along the surface, the pattern on my bath reminded me of autumn leaves for some reason:
This is Halloween
I thoroughly enjoyed my bath time and even got two of these bath bombs so I can enjoy the fun all over again! If this is something you'd enjoy I highly recommend it to you, I also feel this would go down well as a children's bath product too because of the cute little design and sweet scent.

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