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Let's Talk - A Perfect Day!

October 14, 2017

Saturday is my blogs weekly "Let's Talk" day and since starting college its been so difficult to keep up with a regular posting schedule, I got thinking about what a perfect day would be like if I wanted to fit everything in which inspired today's post!

This week I'm working with two fabulous bloggers who have described their perfect and ideal day from start to finish:

Michelle: @Chelle_muablog on Twitter and her blog can be found at http://chellemua.co.za/

Laura: @Autumns_mummy on Twitter and her blog can be found at https://www.autumnsmummyblog.com/

Michelle's thoughts: "My perfect day would be me waking up, back in New York where I would wake up early to get ready and jump on the 8:40 am train to go into Manhattan. I always start the day with a quick shower. When I am done, I would put YouTube on and start getting ready. Figure out a cute outfit with comfy but stylish shoes because you will walk miles and miles. I like taking my time putting my makeup on and getting ready so we know I would have to get up at 6:30/7:00. Totally worth it. On my way to the train station, sneak a stop at my local Starbucks, because I cannot live without coffee! If I am early enough, I would have packed some breakfast for the train or picked up a bagel on my way. 
My favourite thing to do in NYC is to literally just walk around. I love it. I love watching people and just seeing how they interact. My favourite spot in Manhattan is Bryant Park which is situated behind the New York Public Library. Almost every weekend they have something going on there and in the Christmas season they have an ice-rink as well as the local Christmas market there. If there is anything going on there I will be sure to check it out. Otherwise I love grabbing some lunch and just sitting on the grass with friends. I would then walk around, do some sightseeing and shopping because it’s always a good time to shop.I would then catch a 2 or 3pm broadway show because broadway is literally my everything. I love it and love seeing shows in general. If you catch the afternoon show you will have time to grab dinner at a cute restaurant in the city. My friends and I generally do not do this as the trains run on weird schedules after 7pm so we grab the train home and go for a nice dinner at a local restaurant by us. In the summer we would generally end up in a park or meet up with other friends who are around for a late dinner and movie. It is quite an exhausting day but so special to me. I love exploring and doing stuff I like, even if it means you go to bed late! I did this while AuPairing so it would be with a bunch of people from different countries. There is always something exciting to talk about and a new language to learn! I would end my day off by coming in super late, having a nice hot shower, throw on a facemask and relax."

Laura's thoughts: "My perfect day would definitely start with my 1 year old letting me have a lay in. I'm not an early bird at all! I'd wake up to a nice cuddle with my husband, then we'd all have breakfast on a balcony overlooking waves crashing on a beach on a warm summer's day. 
Once we were ready, we'd go down to the beach and have a paddle in the sea. We'd then explore the coastline a little.
For lunch, we'd walk past a farm where my daughter could look at the animals. She loves animals so much and always smiles and waves at them! We'd then settle down in a good spot of a field with a nice view and have a tasty picnic. After reading a couple of books, we'd move on and explore and play in the countryside. 
In contrast to the rest of the day, we'd then move on to a shopping centre and buy me some new clothes, shoes and make up. After stopping for macaroons or some lemon cake, we'd continue and buy some cute baby clothes. Once we were done we'd go to visit family and have a yummy roast dinner with them. After spending time playing games and watching some TV with them, we'd go home and get our daughter to bed. Then we'd cuddle up and spend some quality time together before curling up in bed"

My thought's: "My perfect day would start with a nice early start (believe it or not I hate lie ins) and a trip down to the kitchen for a fresh fruit smoothie with a healthy breakfast. After I've woken up and digested my breakfast I would love a trip to the park with my dog for a good hour or so just soaking in nature, then I'd drop him off home while I went to the gym for a workout or a nice long swim. Once my physical exercise is out the way I would come home, make a healthy lunch and catch up with some blogging! If I had the day to do what I liked I could write at least two or three blog posts and save them in my drafts like I try to do whenever I have the time. This would also give me the chance to read up on my favourite blogs, leaving some comments to show my appreciation for their hard work and sharing some of my older posts. 

In the evening I'd love to get all dolled up and go out with my friends either bowling, to a movie or for a nice dinner, at the end of the evening I'd come home and run myself a wonderful Lush bath to relax. I'm a huge fan of laying in the bath with music on, reading a book or just soaking in the warmth and gorgeous scents. When I eventually get out the bath I would do my night time beauty routine of moisturizing, cleansing and toning my skin, brushing my hair and putting it up, brushing my teeth and drinking a cup of hot green tea. By this time I would be cosy, tired and ready for a good nights sleep - I need at least five or six hours to feel decently rested!

As always a big thank you to my writers this week, I really had fun thinking about what I'd do with a perfect day!


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  1. Michelle's thoughts really remind me of when I lived in London. I would always have an early start on Saturday so that I could get out and about in London and go to the theatre/shops etc. :)

    1. That sounds really fun thank you for reading! xx