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Let's Talk - Coping With Stress!

October 21, 2017

Happy Saturday readers! Can you believe we're almost in November?? Crazy!

Today's Let's Talk post is centered around coping with stress and I have two delightful segments coming from some lovely writers, a big welcome to

Mia: one of @TheCSIgirls on Twitter and their blog can be found at http://www.thecsigirls.co.uk/

Amba: @beautypostsonly on Twitter and her blog can be found at http://ambachampion.blogspot.co.uk/

Mia's thoughts: "Hi there, I’m Mia one half of The CSI girls, until the beginning of the year I wouldn’t have said I’d fully experienced stress. University for me although stressful I had a relaxed attitude and somehow managed to fit a lot of stuff in (I’m talking 3rd year lectures and practicals, I was in uni everyday, 25-30 hours of waitressing and going out twice a week!) I’m still not sure how I did it but I wouldn’t say it was too stressful for me.

This year in work I got offered a new job, similar to what I was doing but a permanent position so I took it. This was back in March time, little did I know filling my old job would take so long and as I was the only person trained (and this is still currently the case!) began the struggle of managing the workload of two full time positions.

I’m a strong willed, determined person and I put so much pressure on myself to complete everything it ended up getting to much. I was running around like a crazy person doing extra unpaid work most days just to get the job done. In the end the stress and pressure got to much for me and I woke up in bed one morning and thought I can’t do this today, I felt awful and just didn’t know what to do.

Luckily for me after a few days off work, (I tried to go back the next day and just broke down as I was speaking to my manager so got promptly sent home) and a good chat with work about coping mechanisms, and doing what I was capable of and stop over working and stressing myself I’ve being dealing with things better.

For me I’ve taken a few steps to deal with my stress my work caused. I’ve downloaded an app called calm, I found as I was so stressed going to bed I’d still be wound up and I’d wake up in the night. Calm has really helped relax me and gives me some important me time. I use the free version which gives me breathing exercises and a few sleep stories if I’m really struggling to sleep. Related to this is a lavender linen spray, I spray a mist on my pillow before I settle down to help me relax a little more. I’m lucky to work for a supportive company and had someone to talk to, that’s my next bit of advice if you’re stressed and struggling get help. Lastly is to listen to your body, I was tired all the time and needed extra sleep to get through that period, if you’re feeling tired take that day to just have for yourself and hopefully it’ll help you through the next period!"

Amba's thoughts: "I feel on cloud nine until I wake up and realise that I have fast approaching deadlines and MUST do that 3 hours of studying I never got round to doing. I need to go to the gym, i’m getting pudgy again. I need to do the washing and the dishes AND remember to buy some milk on the way home. Not forgetting to get petrol or i’ll never even make it home. 

Every human has stresses. And as humans we must understand that everyone's stresses are different. I stress over things that someone else would seem as meaningless and foolish. But you can’t let anyone tell you that you have ‘nothing to be stressed about’ however small it may be. It’s not a competition in life to see who has it worse, we all have our boundaries. Personally, I connect letting things get on top of me and stress together. If there are a few things bothering me then tiny things that would never cause a fuss suddenly ends up being the end of the world. Take me back to high school when my top button fell off my shirt so I couldn’t button it up to get my tie on. I cried so hysterically to my best friend that she responded ‘something tells me this isn’t all over a button on a shirt’. She was right. Of course it wasn’t, I didn’t care about things like that but deeper down there was more going on. 

If you wake up one morning and decide that you don’t want to ‘cope’, fine. All you want to do is lay in bed and go back to sleep, then do so. Take a day out, turn off your mobile phone, put your laptop away, block out all sunlight and talk to nobody. Fine. Reenergize, breathe, relax. But don’t turn one day into forever. Start the next day off with a fresh beginning. Start coping again.

I would advise managing your mind, write down everything you’re stressed about, everything you’ve got to do and come up with solutions. There is a solution to every problem. Self care is also a great way to start, getting more fruit and veggies into your diet, exercising more regularly and generally getting outside for some fresh air. Don’t forget to schedule in breaks and making sure you stick to them! So super important. Also, GET ENOUGH SLEEP! Give your body fuel and it will love you back. You can talk to someone. For example, online groups, a therapist, a family member, colleague or a friend. It can be anyone. You could also do things such like trying out a new physical activity or learning a new skill to divert your mind elsewhere for sometime. But most importantly, you need to find ways in which suits you best when it comes to be able to cope with stress. 

For me, one way of really coping with stress after all of these things is to remember that at the end of the day, you will be laying in bed falling asleep and in that moment everything will be okay."

My thoughts: "My method of coping with stress depends on what type of stress I'm dealing with; after a long day at college doing tons of coursework I tend to make a plan of what I need to do and when I can get it done, this way I can balance my work out fairly. If the stress comes from a problem with my family, friends or relationship then I try to sit down with the person and address my worries and hopefully we can solve what's bothering me and possibly them. I also get stressed for personal reasons such as progress with my diet, my self image and my plans for the future, when I face these I go to someone I trust and confide in them for possible advice and counsel.

My advice to people dealing with stress whatever the cause may be is to be good to yourself, everyone deals with things differently and some people (like myself) have days where it seems like there are no solutions to their issues. When I face days like this I let my loved ones know that I'm struggling and they provide me with care and kindness, if you have someone like that in your life share your worries with them and they may help you feel better and confident in yourself. Below is my 'Zara's Self Care List' that I use when I feel down or stressed and you may find it useful also:

1. At least two healthy meals that I enjoy, I find cooking very calming so I make them myself.
2. My favourite film and a comfy spot to watch, either bed or the couch in my living room.
3. Telling jokes with my loved ones, even if they're really silly.
4. A bubble bath with relaxing products and a quiet environment.
5. An early night with a good nights sleep, perhaps reading before bed.
6. A good book or a fun video game to take my mind off things (Sims 3 is my favourite game and I've been enjoying Game of Thrones books).
7. No social media until I'm confident that I am comfortable interacting with others.

All of these things help me feel more relaxed and really help me on tough days, everyone is different though so these may not work for everyone but finding your own method of de-stressing is key to keeping a level head when facing problems. 

Another thank you to my fantastic writers this week, I can't wait to share this post and their work with you all! See you next Saturday for another "Let's Talk" segment.


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  1. I'm not very good at coping with stress so this was a great post for me to read. I've got a few new tips now and I'm excited to try them out..

    1. Glad you enjoyed this post lovely xx