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Visiting A Vegan Friendly Chinese Buffet

September 07, 2017

For those of you who know me, you know I LOVE Chinese food and would gladly eat it every single day if my diet would let me - alas that isn't the case. BUT I did manage to find a wonderful Vegan friendly Chinese buffet while out shopping in Hull, the Real China Express offers various foods and desserts that suit all kinds of diets and appetites.
Starting off small
Obviously a lot of people love Chinese food for their chicken, duck, prawn and beef but I was delighted to see they did mushrooms, green peppers, bean sprouts and egg free noodles in their buffet. My first meal consisted of big chunky Chinese chips, boiled potatoes coated in oil and parsley, mushroom and green pepper in black bean sauce, onion rings and bean sprouts with shredded carrots. All their food was hot, fresh and had the right amount of spice in it to keep my brave taste buds interested, and I think I had 3 plates in total.
Vegan friendly options
I really enjoyed the boiled potatoes and I think I had some with every plateful, but the second type of savoury sides I tried were the boiled rice containing peas and sweetcorn, spicy mushrooms in black sauce and vermicelli noodles. There were various sauces scattered around so I decided on some of their plain curry sauce which I was told didn't contain milk, and it was delicious (my plate looked rather messy though.)
Another tray of buffet food
As well the Vegan options they offered they also had trays of sweet and sour chicken, barbecue chicken balls, meat balls, pork in black sauce and chicken rice which from what I saw were quite popular! There were also small Chinese wraps kept in a round dish in the middle of the tray and I didn't figure out they were there until I was full so I missed out on those *sigh*
In their last set of dishes they offered green beans and carrots steamed until soft, bamboo shoots and bean sprouts, curried chicken, salted barbecue pork, mushroom soup and a mix of carrots, pepper and onion stir fry. By the time I got to this tray I was almost full so I grabbed a bit of mushroom soup, spooned on a few green beans and sat down but if I ever go back I am definitely trying the stir fry as it smelt gorgeous!

All of the foods I tasted were delicious and one member of staff was so kind as to show me every vegan dish on the menu, even the dessert (I forgot to photograph the dessert...oh...) which consisted of cake, fruit salad, donuts and ice cream. It cost me and a friend £9.10 for both of us to eat as much as we could so for that price they're lucky we didn't eat them out of business!


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