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Visiting A Brand New Lush Store

September 10, 2017

Lush?? Did someone say Lush?? I hope so because I love them!

While in Hull for my college enrollment I visited their brand new store which I must say is HUGE compared to their old one, and I had a really good visit there courtesy of a lovely staff member named Lauren.
Lush in Hull
I walked in and as in all Lush stores I got that immediate smell of bath bombs, soap and perfumes that is just so inviting and alluring when you've just walked past McDonalds and everything smelled like grease. As soon as I got in a very kind staff member called Lauren took me under her wing and showed me around, I showed her my blog posts regarding Lush and she was so impressed she wrote my web address down to check out (if you're reading this Lauren then hello my dear!)
Their skincare station
She showed me their new face mask jellies and let me sniff them all to see which was my favourite, I ended up with a sample of Birth Of Venus (find it online HERE) to try and share my thoughts on. The good thing about the jellies is you don't need to put them in the fridge like their other face masks so I can keep it in my room for whenever I need it. I really like Lush's skin stuff because there's something for everyone no matter what their skin is like and seeing as mines awkward and can be oily one second and dry the next its a blessing having products that tame both.
Lush jelly face masks
She also showed me the shelves where their new gift sets where as well as their older more familiar ones, I was pleased to see that they have a gift set specially for all shower stuff so if you don't have a bath you can still get a gift! I have my eye on a few of the gift sets already but I'll wait til my birthday (October 5th y'all) or even Christmas time!
Lush gift sets
Of course I also peeped at the bath bombs and saw a few new ones that I didn't even know had been released (I'm a tad slow lately) that looked pretty funky! I love the look of the blue rocket ship one that is sort of like the yellow submarine one...except its blue....and its a rocket...not a submarine...well you know what I mean!
Pretty blue rockets!
They have also released a new bubble bar in the shape of a fidget spinner named "Bubble Spinner" which WAS a kitchen exclusive but has come to stores now, this has been pretty popular from what she was saying so I may have to get one before they're history.
Bubble Spinner bubble bar
I only went in there to get some Henna for my hair but I had a wonderful time speaking to Lauren and she was sweet enough to give me a bag of gloves for my henna application which she wrote a cute message on - Thank you Lauren!
What a sweetheart!
All in all I can tell I'll be in their store a lot on my lunch breaks from college and hopefully I'll meet even more Lush Lovelies that work there and see more cool stuff!


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