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Review - I Heart Make Up: Blushing Hearts Blush

September 14, 2017

Ah..make up, something I enjoy quite a lot, SO much so that you could even say I "Heart" Make Up (yes that was cheesy I apologise) and thats exactly the brand I'm reviewing today! Now I've reviewed one of their products before which you can read about HERE, but today I'm sharing my thoughts on their "Blushing Hearts" blush.
£4.99 from Superdrug
I'm a big fan of anything pink, anything heart shaped and anything slightly sparkly so you can imagine my joy when I found this cute little product? I was so excited to get my hands on one and I have since used it relentlessly, which makes it easy to share my thoughts with you all.
Triple Baked Blusher
First off  I adore the box it comes it, like I said above anything pink and heart shaped immediately raises my interests but the whole presentation of the product just looks fantastic. The box itself is quite light, quite delicate and things would NOT end well if you dropped it (I should know I dropped my rainbow highlighter) so care should be taken.
The product opened up
The actual product sits in its little heart shaped box rather nicely and makes it easy to use with an open top, each shade is slightly different and within the heart the colours range between three types of pink. Each shade has a well pigmented, glossy sheen to it that sits well on the skin and stays illuminated slightly even after blending. It responds well to application and because it has been baked so well it doesn't leave huge fragments on the top when you sweep your brush over to use it, which is a definite plus.

I personally really enjoy this product and it is the second thing I've tried and loved from I Heart Make Up and I will most definitely buy this again when I run out!
Rainbow Unicorn highlighter & Blushing Hearts blusher

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