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Lush - Sweetest Thing Gift Set

September 28, 2017

So not so long ago I wrote a post which was basically a wishlist of things I'd love to get for my 22nd birthday (you can read that HERE) and I was lucky enough to receive one of my items already!

Lush have a gift set called "Sweetest Thing" which comes in this pretty little box; what drew me in was all the sweet, candy type scents and all the pink! I'm a sucker for all the products in this gift so I was super happy to be given this early:
Lush - Sweetest Thing
For those unfamiliar with Lush or this particular gift set it comes in a well wrapped, cute little pink box but inside THAT is a Think Pink Bath Bomb, a mini Comforter Bubble Bar and a Bubble Lip Scrub. Here is a run down of the main ingredients in each product:
- Bathbomb: Vanilla Oil, Tonka Oil & Neroli Oil
- Bubble Bar: Cypress Oil, Cassis Absolute & Bergamot Oil
-Lip Scrub: Organic Jojoba Oil
So pretty!
I love the overall colour scheme, scent theme and flavour in each product its all a big pile of sweetness and pink - two things I enjoy a lot! A huge thank you to my friend who got this for me, you're a star. 


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  1. I absolutely adore their gift sets - I was fortunate enough to be gifted one last year during Secret Santa, and it was the best Secret Santa present I’ve ever received!

    Andi | www.andthenzen.co.uk

  2. I want to try that bathbomb!!! I've tried the others except the bathbomb! Looks like it was be so comforting xx

    Vanessa xx