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Let's Talk - Mama Bloggers!

September 16, 2017

Happy Saturday readers! First off I apologise for the lack of post last week, I've just started college again and my first week wiped me out completely so I had no time to prepare a topic. This week however I'm back and ready to introduce two special ladies covering this weeks discussion with me:

Nicole - @mommymummyUK on Twitter and her blog can be found at: https://mommymummyblog.wordpress.com/

Stacey - @messinadressblog on Twitter and her blog can be found at: http://amessinadress.co.uk/

This week the topic is all about "Mama Bloggers" and their experiences as both bloggers and as mothers, I obviously have no children so I'm more looking forward to reading other women's discussions. I love reading baby blogs, tales from mothers who post cute stories about their children and people who share tips and advice for other parents, it puts a huge smile on my face so of course I wanted to make an entire "Let's Talk" about it!

Nicole's thoughts: "I started my blog, Mommy Mummy, after I moved from Florida to Scotland and fell pregnant. I had always been interested in blogging but couldn't find a website to host me and my loud,opinionated self so I just started my own! I tend to include a lot of information that other people might omit, but I've never been the overly private or easily embarrassed type. Now that my son's here I'll be more choosy about how much of his information I share, but when it comes to me I'm an open book. The majority of my readers are friends and family from back home, so I mostly use it as a way to keep everyone updated with all the relevant information in one place. It's also a great outlet to have for my mental health; I do my fair bit of ranting and raving. 
I have social media pages for my blog and the page I'm posting from generally indicates how much I'm sharing. Most of my family follows my Facebook page, so I keep it primarily for updates about my son and cute pictures. Twitter is where I tend to get a bit feisty and opinionated, as most of my followers there are friends. Instagram gets the glamour shots, little highlights of the most perfect parts of my day. While I do share pictures and basic information about my son, it's not something that worries me because I have very few followers outside of people I already know personally. That's something I'm fine with, when I started my blog I did it for me to have an enjoyable place on the internet to unwind, not to impress strangers. 
There aren't any specific parenting blogs I enjoy reading enough to keep coming back to. For me, it's all about how the blogs I read fit my needs in that moment. For example, when I was pregnant I was really into blogs that included natural birth stories as that would be an experience I was soon to go through myself. Now that my son is here, I'm drawn more to parenting posts, specifically having to deal with newborn sleeping and eating schedules. Soon enough this focus might change yet again to postpartum fitness. My favourite way to find these blogs is by searching specific tags on Instagram. I guess you could say I judge a book by its cover, or rather a blog by the picture it's posted with on social media.
My advice to other parent bloggers, just like my advice for all aspects of life, would be to do what you like and not worry about what anyone else has to say about it. Whether you want to share all the information about your child, or blur their face out in pictures you post, that is completely your choice. Do what makes you happy, and don't give into the Mommy Police."

Stacey's thoughts: "When I first started blogging, almost four years ago now, I couldn't decide how much my children should feature on the blog. I have 2 children, Freya who is 7 and Poppy who's 4. They are a huge part of my life but they've never really been a huge part of the blog. You hear so much about over-exposure and the threats that are lurking in cyberspace that I was very wary.  I never mentioned their real names or showed their faces in any posts. I could never really understand people who plastered their children over their social media. Maybe I was just jealous that I couldn't do the same? 

Recently thought, I've been having a bit of a change of heart. You see, the trouble is both of my children are very much of the "internet generation". They watch YouTube and see other children who have their own vlogs or feature on their parents' channels.  My oldest especially is desperate to start her own channel. I suppose this is just the way of the world nowadays. Our kids are growing up in a different age and their experience of the world is going to be very different. Whether we grownups like it or not, social media and Internet personalities are things our children deal with everyday. Where I desperately wanted to be a TV presenter, my children dream of being vloggers. 

Finally, after much soul searching I decided it was hypocritical of me to get so much pleasure from my hobby and refuse to share it with my kids. I've begun to introduce more and more posts and stories about the girls, so that they can feel included. We've just launched Miss Mess Blogs, Freya's own section where she can write her own posts. I'm actually finding it really exciting and it's helping to really give me a whole new boost of motivation for the blog.

Obviously safety is always in the back of my mind and we're careful not to share personal information. I've already started to see the positives. Writing her blog posts is really helping with Freya's literacy and writing skills and we had lots of fun as a family filming our recent holiday vlogs. It's becoming a real family affair.

To be honest, I don't follow a lot of parenting blogs or vlogs. The ones I've seen always seem to have picture perfect families, with mums who have it all together. It's a bit intimidating when you're as shambolic a parent as I am.  I'll definitely take any recommendations of parenting blogs who offer a slightly more realistic/relatable version of parenthood. 

My thoughts: "Although I'm not a parent I take a huge interest in reading about people's children, their advice for new parents and any cutesy posts I see that catch my eye. I follow a fair few mothers on Twitter that post about their little ones regularly and I'd be a big liar if I said that their posts didn't make me want a little bundle of joy myself! I fully respect all parents who are doing their best to raise their children because even through my nieces and nephews I've seen that it is no easy task to do, I do want children of my own one day and through these posts I see I'm learning a few things I can hopefully apply to my own experiences when I'm older.

At the moment my plan is to build a career and a foundation for myself so that when I do introduce my own children to the world I can be confident that they'll have everything they need to grow up safe and happy. I myself was very fortunate growing up that my family around me all chipped in with babysitting, money for school, educational toys and extra things I needed when I was little. That is the kind of family atmosphere I'd love to have with my children and I know my mother will be the best Nana ever because I've seen her with my brothers children already. Right now though I'll carry on peeping at other peoples blogs and posts to see what amazing things they've shared with us and hopefully one day I can be as fantastic a parent as the people I follow are!

Huge thank you to my two guest writers this week for their hard work and their wonderful contributions to this weeks segment, I'll be back next Saturday for another "Let's Talk!"


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  1. Great views here! I recently became a mum and I had a hard time thinking how I would include my baby in the blog. I started out as planting some pregnancy posts in my blog & now I'm doing monthly updates + 0-3 family tagged posta per month. I didn't want his face to be shown, as I've got some relatives who I've cut ties with, but who I know are still stalking me and my life. They're the biggest reason his face won't be shown & the second one is just internet in general. I'll let him to decide when he's older if he wants his face on the internet :-)

    1. Thank you! Congratulations on your new bundle and good luck with your blog xx

  2. I'm not a parent either but I love reading about how mums juggle writing blogs as well as being mums! It's really interesting and inspiring!

    1. I agree they really are true inspirations! xx

  3. I don't actually read any parenting blogs, but this post has inspired me to now! These are some lovely thoughts that have also made me think about if I'd include my children on my blog if I ever have any x

    1. Glad you feel inspired, thank you! x