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Let's Talk - Charity & Kindness!

September 30, 2017

Happy Saturday blog readers! As if it's October tomorrow already, you know what that means....MY BIRTHDAY IS COMING SOON! 

So last week I didn't get the chance to post my Let's Talk due to me being in hospital because my knee that I had dislocated had decided to pop back in but had ripped a hamstring. I decided to post last weeks topic this week because two of the three writers I'd worked with have actually sent me their work so it isn't fair to just disregard their efforts. This week we all sat and spoke about Charity and Kindness, and things we can do to help those less fortunate than ourselves, so please welcome this weeks writers:

Kirsty: @hiitskirsty on Twitter and her blog can be found at - https://hiitskirstyy.com/

Envy: @envy_fisher on Twitter and her blog can be found at - http://verdwaaldinvertaling.blogspot.co.uk/

Kirsty's thoughts: "The lovely Zara asked me and a few other bloggers to get involved with her Lets Talk segement. So in this little post I will be talking about a charity event that I am doing.

I am quite nervous for this as it is a huge thing for me to be doing, but on the 27th of this month, I know its getting close, I will be cutting off 10 inches of my hair for The Little Princess Trust. 

I have wanted to do this for months because I always think about the children who are going through cancer and have no idea what to do after losing their hair and to be honest its heartbreaking. So I did a little bit of research after seeing loads of other people doing this and decided I wanted to do it. However, for years my hair has not been the best. After years of heat damage and bleaching my hair and dying it various colours, I had so much breakage and it just wasn’t suitable to donate. Since then I’ve worked so hard on making sure my hair is in great condition, from hair masks to consistent hair cuts (at least every 6 weeks) I’ve managed to keep my hair in a good enough condition that my hair could be used to make a child smile.

Ever since I was younger I've had a good upbringing, I've not had to deal with health issues like some children so I was always wonder how their families and themselves cope. It honestly is so painful thinking about what they are going through on a daily basis, not only the pain but also losing their hair. My mum always says that to a woman the hair is everything, but to me I just think "its hair, it will grow back" which is the logic I have behind donating my hair.

For this segment, Zara asked why I think charity and kindness can help out those a little less fortunate than ourselves.
My answer to this would be, kindness comes natural, a smile could make someones day, donating 50p to a charity pot could be the difference between someone actually getting the help and support they need to not getting anything. I've always been brought up to help others, to try and do something good and even if it is just donating my hair, I know that will help out a child who is already upset. Sometimes things happen to those who never expect it, who haven't prepared for anything like it and thats what amazing charities step up and help them out with what they need and deserve. I think a simple thing can help out those in need and get them back on their feet and not feel pressured. With The Little Princess Trust the money donated to them is also used to buy wigs for the children who have lost their hair, this takes the pressure off the parents who are struggling to make their child smile again.

If you want to donate, heres my just giving page: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/kirsty-moody"

Envy's thoughts: "I was in one of those high school classes where something as small as borrowing a pen was… challenging. First of all no one outside of your own clique would help you out. Within your own group of friends there was a credit score system that’d determine whether or not you could borrow a pen. By the time I graduated high school I was so done with this selfish behavior that I decided to do some volunteering. I wanted to make a change – but to this day I’m still not sure if I did.

In the summer of 2014 a city garden initiative in my hometown was looking for volunteers. I started working as a gardener, but was soon asked if I could raise funds and apply for subsidy. I got quite a lot of funding, organized an event to get more people involved… and didn’t even get a ‘thank you’ from most other people working on the city garden project. That was when I realized organized volunteering wasn’t for me.

Since then I’ve done some volunteering on my own terms. I bartended at some kind of ‘thank you’ event for local volunteers, I help organize races and try to raise awareness online for causes that deserve more attention. There’s really no organization backing me up. I enjoy these things more when I do them spontaneously. It feels like a genuine random act of kindness to me that way. I think there needs to be some balance between the positive and negative energy in this world, and at this moment there isn’t enough of that sincere positivity. I know that there are many charities out there who share my ideas but… I feel a little sad and ashamed to admit that I’ve lost a bit of faith in charities here in the Netherlands. A lot of charities and organizations just take advantage of their volunteers. That feeling played a big part in my decision to focus on raising awareness and just being kind in general. A big charity might one day fund the research that finds a cure for cancer, but if we make this society into a living hell there is little to no point to focus on such big goals. And often, when I feel small and insignificant in a rather scary world, I remind myself that I don’t have to be involved in some big organization to change the world. Every little bit of change helps, and something as small as saying ‘hi’ to others in passing can already change someone’s day.

I believe genuine kindness is the key to change. Without kindness, charities would be nowhere. That’s why I try to help other’s whenever I can, to support my blog buddies, retweet important posts. I think we can change the world by supporting charities, but I think we can do even more by being kind."

My thoughts: "I was always raised to be thankful, giving and kind as a child despite pretty much being an only child. My only sibling is 10 years older than me so I was treated like the baby, despite this my parents never let me act spoiled and always found ways to help me give back. Since being a kid I've found myself and my family in places where we've BEEN the less fortunate; I've been homeless for a while, I've struggled to find money for education or food and my mum has had her fair share of problems. One thing that kept us going in these times was other peoples kindness towards us, be it a free meal or a free bus ticket it was very appreciated.

I'm currently planning a lot of charity work for this time of year because with my birthday and Christmas coming up I always have spare money to help out with, unfortunately I don't have that all year round. My plan is to start working with my local food bank and start taking in food, blankets, pet goods and clothes to help out those who really struggle. I also plan to buy lots of warm clothes, food and hot drinks for any homeless people I see - just recently I got a man outside Morrisons £15 worth of food and hot coffee and he was so grateful. A little really does go a long way and even one kind act a week can change another person's life; whether its donating things, volunteering at shelters or even hosting fund raisers for certain topics of charity. Either way I'm planning on doing more and hopefully I can help out those who really need it."

Thanks to my two fabulous writers for their hard work and thank you to all the readers who come to check out my posts! Have a great weekend and I'll see you all next week.


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