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Cooking With Zara - Vegan Friendly Cheesecake!

September 29, 2017

If there's one dessert I really enjoy its definitely cheesecake, I remember when I was craving chocolate so badly I ate a good 3/4 of a double chocolate cookie cheesecake! Obviously since being vegan I can't just have the every day supermarket ones so I went browsing in the free from foods sections and gathered some ingredients together to make this:
This slice of heaven above is part of a cheesecake I made which only took me around 20 minutes if you subtract the time it spent in the fridge solidifying! To make this here is what you'll need:

1. A packet and a half of ginger nut biscuits (Lidl do really long packets so just get one of those)
2. Cheese spread (I used 1 tub of Violife vegan spread)
3. Lemon juice (around three tablespoons)
4. Sugar (75g)
5. 6 large strawberries (or any fruit you want to top it with)
6. Half a cup of butter (or any vegan friendly spread)
7. Cake tin or sandwich tin


1. Crush your ginger nut biscuits by putting them in a food bag and either rolling over them with a rolling pin or tapping them until they resemble crumbs. When that's done pop them in a large bowl.
2. Melt your butter in a dish using the microwave (check it regularly, you don't want it to burn!) When thats melted add it to the biscuit crumbs.
3. Stir the biscuit/butter mix until it resembles a smooth paste, you can then use this to line a cake tin or a sandwich tin.
4. Place that in the fridge to solidify for a good 20 minutes, if it needs longer leave it but if it doesn't need that long then great!
5. While the base is hardening in the fridge, get a mixing bowl and put your cheese spread, sugar and lemon juice in one by one.
6. Mix this together until it forms a smooth, creamy texture. OPTIONAL: add some vanilla, almond or chocolate powder to flavour the cream. You can also add some milk if it isn't soft enough.
7. When your base is done, take it out and pour the smooth topping onto the biscuit base and spread it across evenly.
8. This is going to need fridge time also, so pop that in and leave that a good 30 minutes to set.
9. When its done you can take it out, slice your strawberries and add those to the top! OPTIONAL: grate some lemon or lime peel onto the top for a zingy finish!
10. Serve and enjoy!


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  1. It looks so good!! I love a good cheesecake and I love that this récipe is vegan friendly, even though I am not vegan xx


  2. This looks super tasty. We will be adding this to the our list of things to try :-)

    GR - https://www.thegreat.uk/