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Beach Photography & A Day Out

September 04, 2017

Hello readers!

So not long ago I managed to get to the seaside on a really hot and sunny day and take some super cute photos that I wanted to share with you all!
The top of the beach front
The day itself was absolutely gorgeous and as well as taking awesome photos I also visited a market, did some shopping and had some lunch in a lovely restaurant.
Closer to the sea, beautiful sky!
Along the beach front there were miles of people either sat with their dogs, eating fish and chips, taking their own photos or just soaking in the sun and it was the kind of relaxed atmosphere I enjoy.
A water barrier and some people on the beach
A walk along the beach is a must if you visit on a nice day so thats exactly what I did and although my feet were rather sandy it was good fun.
The sun and sky
I really enjoyed my day out and I'm so glad the weather was perfect for it, I even managed to escape any horrendous sunburn that a few others had experienced so I was super lucky!


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