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August Beauty Haul

September 01, 2017

Everyone loves a good shopping spree don't they? Heading to your favourite store and buying plenty of lovely goodies to take home and enjoy, well for me personally Superdrug is one of my favourite stores. It has all the make up I enjoy, hair care products I need, perfumes to try and even healthy snacks for when I get hungry out and about. Primark is another favourite place for me to raid my bank and purchase things I love and I recently got some fabulous beauty products from both stores that I can't wait to share!
My haul!

1. I Heart Make Up - Blushing Hearts Blush: £4.99
2. I Heart Make Up - Rainbow Unicorn Highlighter £4.99
3. I Heart Make Up - Golden Bar Eye Shadow £9
4. Matte Me Up - Lip Paint and Lip Liner £5.99
5. MUA - Face Setting Mist £1.50


6. Primark Beauty Blenders - £1.50
7. Primark Concealer Brush - £3

I was so pleased that my local Superdrug have brought in the I Heart Make Up brand because I have been lusting over their products for quite some time and had to order them online. As a big lover of their Rainbow Unicorn Highlighter I purchased another one of those to replace one I had dropped and broken some weeks ago (it was so sad there was highlighter EVERYWHERE) and while I was there I snapped up their cute pink Blushing Hearts Blusher.
Highlighter and Blush!
I'm also pleased that I got a chance to look at the palettes that I Heart Make Up do because although I've seen pictures online it was nice to see the colours in person for a better choice, this one appealed to me because of all the golds and bronzes within the palette. The design of the palette also drew me in because it looks so detailed and well made, it certainly makes my make up draw look a bit prettier!
Golden Bar eye shadow!
I already tried some Matte Me Up colours (see the review HERE) and I loved them so I was just happy to try a new colour out of the range Barry M offer and was pleased to buy the deep cappuccino colour. The kit comes with the lip paint and a lip pencil which is pretty good considering the price you pay, they also sell the lip paints separately if you're not interested in the lip liner. I took a bit of a risk with this colour because its way darker than I usually opt for but it looks pretty good so I'll do a full review and let you know what I think!
Matte Me Up lip kit
The next thing I'm glad to have gotten is this MUA matifying fixing mist which is sort of like a setting spray for after you've done your make up, I've tried this before and it does a great job in keeping your make up in place all day or even if you're not wearing make up it keeps your skin looking matte and smooth.
MUA Pro-base matify fixing mist
While on my shopping trip yesterday I was also scouting about for a new eye shadow brush because the one I had from Kiko Milano has disappeared and my others weren't quite as good at blending and applying colour. So when in Primark I spotted this little beauty in their make up section and decided to try it out, I'm very glad I did because although it is meant to applying concealer it makes for a fantastic brush for working with eye shadows. The bristles are quite firm and easy to move around the eyelid and they pick up enough colour without leaving too much excess.
PS...Insta Girl concealer brush
A beauty fanatic can never have enough blenders to use can they? Well given that my dog chewed up a couple of mine I certainly needed some new ones and my go-to blenders are these spongy ones from Primark, they're firm enough to blend products without being stiff and don't soak up too much liquid when using foundation or concealer. For £1.50 I can't go wrong in snapping up these whenever I need to top up my blender stash.
Matte Me Up Lip Kit and Primark beauty blenders
All of these products are definitely worth the money and I'm so glad I picked them out, I definitely ended the month well stocked!


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