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10 Things I Love About Autumn

September 24, 2017

So now that it's September and Autumn is pretty much all around us at the moment, as much as I love Summer there are certain things I love about Autumn too!
Me & Dean last Autumn
1. The colourful leaves that fall off the trees, they're so pretty and they look so artistic!

2. I'm an Autumn baby! My birthday is October 5th and I love the crisp Autumn setting for my birthday it just feels so pretty.

3. Halloween is one of my favourite events of the year, it's such a fun day or night where you can dress up and party of stay home with scary movies and food.

4. Pretty Autumn sunsets! At this time of year the sky always looks so pretty when the sun is setting; with dark pinks, oranges, purples and it just looks so beautiful.

5. Bonfire Night (or Guy Fawkes Night) is another event I enjoy, for those unfamiliar with Bonfire Night you can read about it HERE. I really love the whole "gather round a bonfire with food and hot drinks" thing, and while I'm not that keen on fireworks they're nice to see once a year.

6. Cosy movie nights, these are my all time favourite thing to do on a cold Autumn evening. Grab some pizza, maybe a Netflix movie and some warm tea and you have one super snug pass time!

7. Autumn themed products, have you ever tried a cinnamon candle? Gingerbread body wash? Or even cranberry lip gloss? Well I have and I love the scents and flavours that certain stores release at this time of year!

8. I also enjoy the types of foods that are popular this time of year; Autumn soups, pumpkin cookies, butternut squash risotto and roast chestnuts. I'm waiting for it to become socially acceptable to drink mulled wine on the daily so, if that happens let me know!

9. Preparing for Christmas - alright I know October or September can be a tad early to start thinking about Christmas but it just gives me so much joy to start planning gifts and ideas for people and the time of year itself!

10. Autumn fashion and the types of clothes you get to wear; I'm a huge fan of snuggly jumpers, cosy scarves and sassy overcoats and I can't wait to buy and wear all the fall outfits my favourite stores have to offer.

What about you? Do you enjoy Autumn and if so, what makes it extra special to you?

Autumn leaves

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  1. I love the Autumn leaves and sunsets too! This season is definitely the best for pretty photos! This was such a nice list! I really enjoyed reading it. :-)

  2. I just love autumn! The season of candles & pumpkins.. oh & hot chocolate :)

  3. Well I loved this post! I agree with all ten aspects of autumn you picked out! I love autumn so much 💕🍂

  4. I'm so jealous that you're an Autumn baby!! I was born in Spring and want to have an October birthday because of all the fashion 😂😂 It would make great gifts!! Also, pumpkin cookies? Never heard of them but they sound divine 😍
    Eva x

  5. I literally agree with everything in this post ahaha even down to not being keen on fireworks. Autumn really is the best season.

  6. Lovely post. I love having movie nights too! Especially if it's raining, wrapped up nice and warm with a hot chocolate :) and the feeling of it getting close to Christmas! Xx