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1 Year As A Dog Owner

September 08, 2017

It has officially been a year since we adopted the little terror that is our Border Collie Dean, you would think there isn't much to learn in just 365 days but you'd be surprised! We got Dean when he was 10 weeks old which meant he was very much still into puppy hood, and while he was cute as a button he was also a handful.
His first car journey and he slept the whole time
Almost immediately he was severely sick and needed a lot of attention, care and money spent making him better, this was hard to go through as one of us had to be up with him all night every night and that someone was mostly me. The day I started college last September was the day he'd been given the clear from the vets and he was getting better so I even started college stressed out like crazy! Since then he's done so well and grown into this big poofball:
Dean on his first birthday in the shirt we got him
As well as learning about how much medical attention dogs can need I also learned how clingy and attached they can get to humans and how distraught this makes them when they spend too long alone. Dean is a Border Collie which are known to be quite anxious dogs if not exercised or given attention regularly so we've had to work hard to reassure Dean that we're still here for him even if we have to leave the house!
Hiding his face under his teddy because he's lazy
Another thing I've learned during dog "motherhood" is how to deal with mess....yes having a dog (especially one you've had as a puppy) means your furniture will be chewed, carpets can be peed or pooped on, your clothes are covered in dog hairs and if they enjoy ripping teddies apart then your living room is COVERED in fluff. I've done my fair share of scrubbing, hoovering, washing and sweeping since I got Dean and we have to hoover up every single day to get his dog hairs out of our carpet.
A recent photo, Dean in his cone
But for all his messes, his expenses and his high energy needs he is a lovely natured, kind and well behaved doggo that does (mostly) what he's told the first time around. Collies are known as the smartest breed of dog in the world and Dean can be so human like with his moods and expressions its a little scary, he understands human speech without the need to emphasize commands and will listen to everything you say easily.
Another pupper photo from last year
In the year I've owned Dean I've learned what it takes to be a dog owner and be responsible for a living being, he's alive and well so I can't have done too badly I would say!

He does have his own Instagram as well so if you wanna give it a follow find him at @deanthecollie on Insta
Dean's Instagram - @deanthecollie

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