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Review - Pokemon Bath Bomb

August 29, 2017

So during the bank holiday weekend I took a trip to my local beach town Cleethorpes which is about a half hours drive from my home, it was a hot and sunny day and I managed to find this lovely bath and beauty shop:
Divine Indulgence - Cleethorpes
While I was there I saw some lovely bath accessories, aromatherapy products and even some adorable unicorn themed gifts; I personally chose three bath bombs that caught my eye, two of which are dragon egg themed (which I will review in the future) and one was Pokemon themed! Two of my favourite things combined into one; bath bombs and Pokemon, so naturally I was delighted to find this within my visit - so of course it was the first one I used!
Pokemon themed bath bomb.
So last night I popped this into my water and immediately saw a bright fizz of pink and white, with a gorgeous sweet scent that lingered even after I'd had my bath!
Fizz fizz fizz!
The bomb itself dissolved quite fast leaving a fluffy trail of pink bubbles behind it which I found quite appealing and pretty. The water turned a deep pink colour with shades of cream throughout the top and left my skin incredibly soft and smooth.
Bath time!
All in all I really loved this bath bomb and what I didn't know when I used it was you get a little toy Pokemon inside it when its all fizzed away! This was well and truly worth the money and I will most surely be getting this again if I can. Below is a link to their Facebook page so feel free to check out their stuff:


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  1. How cute that you get a toy inside oh my gosh! x

    1. I didn't even notice! What a ninny I am! xx