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Lush - Metamorphosis Bath Bomb

August 08, 2017

What would my blog be without the odd Lush review now and again? Well here I am again with another bath bomb review to share with my readers, enjoy!

The bath bomb I'm talking about today is the Lush "Metamorphosis" bomb that piqued my interest when it was released because it wasn't the usual brightly coloured ball of fun - this one is very dark and very unique.
I picked this little beauty up on my start of July on a shopping trip to Meadowhall along with a couple of other Lush products that I have also done reviews for. I wasn't surprised to see that it was so popular as many others like myself were excited to see what this little ball of mystery would show, so yesterday I ran my bath and decided to give it a whirl.
Fizz Fizz
Now this bomb smells very strongly of black pepper, cinnamon oil and myrrh resin which gave it a very earthy and spiced sort of scent which I found very appealing and a nice change from other perfumed products. When placed into the water it immediately fizzed up a storm and let out streaks of grey and white bubbles, but there were also some flecks of colour in there too!
After much fizzing, bobbing, spinning and bubbling I started to see a jet of yellow and pink escape the bath bombs center and I managed to capture a fantastic picture of it in motion (see above). This was a really lovely surprise as I hadn't actually seen what it could do before, sometimes I look up new bath bombs on Youtube but I wanted this one to be completely fresh!
After more fizzing and leaking of colour I was left with these two little circular sections of colour which looked fantastic, the contrast of the pink on one side and the yellowy-grey on the other worked really well together! My only complaint about this bath bomb is that the water colour you're left with isn't very bright and exciting but the show it puts on certainly makes up for that.

I personally loved this bath bomb and will definitely see about getting another one, the contrast of dark and light definitely won me over!


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  1. Oh my! This bathbomb is amazing!! Really stunning, all those colors! ;) I love lush!

    TheNotSoGirlyGirl // Instagram // Facebook

    1. It's so lovely! Thank you for reading xx