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Review - Breakfast By Bella Peanut Butter Me Up Granola

August 22, 2017

Hi blog readers!

I previously wrote two blog posts reviewing the granola I was sent from a great company called Breakfast By Bella and I'm finally reviewing the third of the three flavours they sent me! The previous posts can be found below:

This time I'm reviewing their Peanut Butter Me Up granola that I tried with a bowl of vegan Alpro yoghurt and sliced banana:
The last of three good products!
I think the peanut flavour went really well with the banana slices as it combined the sweetness with the nutty crunch and it was absolutely lovely. I've found all three of the granolas fresh, crisp and full of flavour as well as without too many calories. Each of these granolas goes well with different ingredients and you can create so many different recipes with them that they never get boring! I personally recommend the recipes I've tried as each one was delightful in its own way.
Closer look
I would definitely suggest these products to anyone who likes a granola that isn't too sweet and has its own unique flavour, I'm so grateful that I got the chance to try them all. A huge thank you to Breakfast By Bella for giving me this opportunity and I can only hope my reviews have done them justice.


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