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Review - Breakfast By Bella Cacao Crazy Granola

August 09, 2017

Hi there readers! A short while ago I was asked by a lovely company called "Breakfast By Bella" to taste and review some of their granola that comes in 3 flavours; Cacao Crazy, Peanut Butter Me Up & Nutty Nosh. I accepted and they were lovely enough to send me a big sachet of each flavour. I personally love the packaging of these products because not only is it aesthetically appealing its also resealable which helps with storage and keeping it fresh.
Breakfast By Bella
The first one I tried was the Cacao crazy and since I usually enjoy granola as a topping on yoghurt I poured some on my Alpro Vegan yoghurt along with some blueberries. According to the bag there are 7 servings and the total weight of the product is 250 grams so you get quite a lot and a little goes a long way!
Looks delicious!
The granola itself has a lovely consistency and is very crumbly and flaky in texture so a simple sprinkle will cover any dish you're adding it to and it doesn't sit heavily in your stomach after consumption. The scent is also very appetizing and you can smell the product as soon as you open the sachet, which made me even more eager to try it!
As for the taste it isn't overpowering or too strong but you definitely get a lovely hint of the cacao mixed with the earthy taste of the granola cereal. I think I made a good choice pairing it with the blueberry because the berries were a sharp opposite to the gentle taste of the granola. Other granola's I have tried in the past tend to have an overpowering sweet taste that's almost sickly but this was the perfect balance of sweet and delicate.
A close up
I personally really enjoyed this product and would get it again without a doubt! A big thank you to Breakfast By Bella for sending me these products and allowing me to review them, find them at:

Their official website: http://www.breakfastbybella.com/blog/
Check them out!

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  1. Since trying frozen Yogurt at Pinkberry I've become obsessed with Granola! I need to try these out!


    1. I highly recommend their products to you! I haven't had granola in years but they just got me eating it again haha xx

  2. My go-to snack at the moment is Alpro coconut yoghurt and granola. So dreamy together, these granolas sound great!
    Jen, Velvet Spring x

    1. Ooh that sounds lovely, yeah their granola is good! Thanks for reading xx