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Review - The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Face Mask

August 01, 2017

Hello readers!

So today I received my new Himalayan Charcoal face mask from The Body Shop and I immediately popped it on to give it a try and now I'm ready to give it a full review! This was £16 and I ordered mine off of their website but you can pop into any of their stores and find this specific mask as well as a range of others. It is 100% vegan so it is suitable for me and other vegans to use which is fantastic!
£16 for such a large tub!
I've been looking for a new face mask to try for a while and I usually go to Lush and browse their skin section but this time I wanted to have a look at The Body Shop because I remember trying one a while back and it was great. I chose Charcoal because its supposed to leave your skin smooth and free of excess oils which I suffer with because I have a fairly oily skin texture in certain places. They have other masks that have specific purposes like fighting blemishes, refreshing pores and relieving any sore spots on your skin so have a good browse and you may find one perfect for your needs.
Such classy packaging!
I love the little box it comes in, it looks really classy and sophisticated but its also easy to store in my cosmetics boxes! The box itself has all the ingredients on the side so you can look for yourself and check out all the products used to make the mask. Some of the ingredients include green tea leaves from Japan, bamboo charcoal from the Himalayan Foothills and community trade tea oil from Kenya so there are a mix of cultural ingredients in there!
A really good size for money!
The jar is quite big so you do get good value for money and it also has the pretty colour scheme to match its box, you get 75ml worth of product in one of these little jars and it is made of glass so once you've used it you can wash it out and reuse it which is a great way to recycle products. I was surprised how heavy it was too so I had to be extremely careful opening the packaging because I didn't want to break anything!
Hello it's me!
Now onto the application itself; I was extremely impressed right off the bat at how lovely it smelled and the consistency of the mask. When applying I managed to do one side of my face with just the product that was on the inside of the lid so a little really goes a long way, it didn't take much more to do the rest of my face and immediately I felt a cooling sensation on my skin. After five minutes the mask was starting to set on my face and gave a smooth and dry layer of product to my pores, it also felt very soothing and relaxing and I almost nodded off while wearing it (oops).

In conclusion I give this product a big 10/10!


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  1. This is one of my all time favourite masks! I love the scent, cooling sensation and how it leaves your skin so clean, soft and bright afterwards! And it's such a bargain when you hardly need any product for a full face too!

    Ellie x


  2. I've had my eye on this for absolutely ages, but I always get a little scared about face masks, in case my face absolutely hates it! I love charcoal ones though, because I have such oily skin.. I might have to purchase! ��

    Andi | www.andthenzen.wordpress.com