My Second Graze Box!

August 25, 2017

Good day (or night) to my readers!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about how I'd resumed my Graze box subscription and I reviewed the items I had gotten in my first new box, the post in question can be found HERE. As my subscription is fortnightly I received my most recent box on the 23rd August and got a whole new bunch of snacks to try and share my thoughts on!
The cute detail of the box on the inside!
As with all Graze boxes I received 4 little punnets of snacks that are all specifically vegan and lower than 150 calories based on my preference but they also do protein specific boxes and maximum variety boxes! So onto this weeks snacks:

1. Louisiana Wild Rice & Beans (122 cals per punnet):

These were the only savoury treat in my box this time as the others were all sweet treats which was nice because I had no sweeties in my last box! As for the rice and beans they were sooo moreish I ate the whole thing in one go (oops) without regret. They had a really crunchy, fresh texture and tasted of chive with a hint of chilli, the salt in these snacks was very subtle and didn't have an overpowering dryness to them. I really enjoyed these because I like chilli and chive type snacks and with these being under 150 calories I didn't feel guilty eating them either!
Wild rice & beans
2. Cinnamon sticks & cookie dip (150 calories per punnet):

As a huge fan of cinnamon I really appreciated the cinnamon sticks but the cookie dip is what won for me personally, I didn't even know cookie dip was a thing! This snack was delicate, sweet and a perfect little treat (hey that rhymed..). The cinnamon sticks had a salty and sweet taste to them which reminded me a bit of popcorn actually, they were crunchy and perfect to dip into the cookie dip. The dip itself was subtly sweet, creamy and sort of reminded me of Iced Gems biscuits (if you're not sure what they are look them up, I'm certain almost every kid has had them before). Now to find a jar of the cookie dip if that's possible...
Cookie dip and cinnamon sticks
3. Cocoa & Orange Bites With Green Tea (99 calories per punnet):

First of all as a British girl who loves tea more than life I really appreciated the green tea bad they included in the treat box which I think was supposed to go with the little Cocoa and Orange bites but I haven't gotten around to drinking it yet. As for the bites I thought they were very rich in texture, slightly crispy like Rice Krispies inside, lightly flavoured with a dominant orange taste and very earthy. The sugar in them isn't too overwhelming and the cocoa balances out the sweet very well!
Cocoa & orange bites
4. Cherry & Almond Bites (110 calories per punnet):

These were quite similar in texture to the Orange and Cocoa bites except these had no crispy feel to them, they were soft in comparison almost like a brownie. The cherry was the dominant flavour for sure but there was definitely an almond kick in there. The level of sugar is alright with the amount they give you but I could see why people wouldn't eat many of them in one go (unless you have a massive sweet tooth I guess). This also included a green tea bag that I haven't gotten around to drinking yet but I shall have a cup of that very soon, out of all the sweet treats these were the most sugary and syrupy.
Cherry & almond bites
Every product in this weeks Graze box was pleasant but if I had to pick a favourite I would say the Rice & Beans purely because I'm not a huge lover of sweet stuff, although I was a big fan of the cookie dip!

My next box is due to arrive 6th September and I can't wait to see what goodies I'll have to try in there.


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