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Date Night At A Bowling Alley

August 04, 2017

Being in a relationship where both people always seem to be busy or working means you don't always get to do things as a couple and when you do you certainly make the most of it. As most people know the last couple of weeks I have been run off my feet taking care of my mother who has been in hospital, every day I would take her clean clothes, foodie treats or books to keep her spirits up until she could return home. So it's a fair assumption that I've been busy and in need of a break so on Saturday night that is exactly what we did!
Our favourite bowling spot!
One of my all time favourite date ideas is bowling, its chilled out and fun but for those of you who love a bit of competition you can challenge your partner or team to a game you enjoy. So on our way home from the hospital me and my boyfriend decided to head in for a couple of games to de-stress and spend some time together, although we were quite hungry so food and drink came first!
Ah sustenance
Because we are both vegan we were a little limited as to what we could eat but the kind lady doing the cooking said we could have some nachos and tomato salsa for half price as they usually come with cheese and chilli which I thought was very sweet! Along with the nachos we also grabbed a few drinks and while Craig started off sensible with Pepsi I went straight for the alcohol and grabbed a couple of Jagerbombs (which I forgot my stomach didn't like) and downed them before our first game. More alcohol was had thus our game play got a little sloppy after a while and the only other decent photo I got that night was of Craig taking his turn.
Eye of the tiger babe!
I got a bit bored waiting for my go and as well as wandering off to get more alcohol Craig gave me £1 to play on the grab-a-toy machine and I ended up winning a cute little Frog I name Pedro for some reason (I think his label says Pedro on the back??) which kept me amused.
I'm a sucker for cute toys
All in all it was a fantastic night and we had a much needed break from all the hard work we've put in lately, my only regret is consuming too much cheap vodka and having the worst hangover of my life the next day *sigh*


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