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August 26, 2017

Greetings to all my blog readers;

Like any other Saturday myself and three other writers have come together to publish a fantastic post for my Let's Talk segments! I've done a whole bunch of these in the past and our topics have varied from mental health to pets and cooking, all of those can be found to read HERE.

This week along with my own work I have paragraphs from the following bloggers:

Rachel (@calamity_ray on Twitter) - Her blog can be found at: http://calamityray.co.uk/

Sophie (@soph_cb on Twitter) - Her blog can be found at: https://lifeoflittlethings.wordpress.com/

& a writer who has joined me before for my Veganism segment:

Lucie (@lucie_dumpling on Twitter) - http://callmedumpling.com/

So here is our collaboration for this weeks post talking about our own journey's;

Rachel's thoughts: "Despite living in and visiting lots of different cities in my lifetime, I can honestly say that I’ve never fallen in love with one – until I took a week-long city break to Berlin early last year with my wonderful wife.

Germany as a whole has never really popped up on my radar, but when looking for somewhere to take a short trip to it seemed that every site, forum and friend I asked suggested Berlin.

As with all trips, I did my research well before I booked my flights and I have to say it has to date been one of the easiest holidays that I have ever planned. I was spoilt for choice with so many gorgeous hotels/cheap flights, and wowed by and rave reviews of historical sites and hidden city gems.

I’m used to jetting to warmer climates, so packing hand luggage only for a holiday in January to a chilly city was harder than I’d expected. Replacing bikinis with base layers and flip-flops with walking boots felt strange at first, but I’m a complete sucker for Autumn/Winter so I very quickly embraced this change.

A top tip for anyone going away during the colder months – focus on layers, and lots of them!

We booked accommodation in the form of a beautiful hotel in the central neighbourhood of Friedrichstrasse. I wholly recommend staying around this area for first timers to Berlin - smack in the centre of more shops, restaurants and bars than I could count and a stones throw away from a train station with direct links to the airport.

It is amazingly easy to get around the city using the underground and over ground network (U-Bahn and S-Bahn, respectively) and for a very decent price – a day ticket cost roughly £7 each but meant unlimited travel until 3am the day after purchase, through all available zones. This is fantastic if you want to explore all of Berlin, but are on a tight budget.

With each new day meant a visit to a different part of Berlin and the huge variety of culture and arts of on offer completely blew me away. From a cluster of museums housed on “Museum Island” to the deeply moving Holocaust Memorial, there is so much to see and do. A few of my favourites included a night-time visit to the Brandenburg Gate, a wander round the East Side Gallery and feeling miniscule next to the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church.

If trailing around galleries isn’t quite your thing, it’s worth the trip alone for the restaurants, bars and cafes on offer. Venture into smoky oasis that is ‘Reingold’ for cocktails and laid-back vibes, or lose an afternoon in the colourful 50’s style diner ‘Route 66’ with plenty of burgers, shakes and tankards of German beer to keep you thoroughly entertained.

The history, architecture and strangely comforting atmosphere of Berlin has completely won me over, and I can wholeheartedly say that I cannot wait for my next visit to this striking, vibrant city."

Sophie's thoughts: "Nothing gives me the same buzz as travelling - I think it's an indescribable feeling when you get off the plane and the temperature hits you and you know you're in a new place to explore. I've been lucky that travelling is in my family's blood - my grandad was in the navy and took my nana all over the world, my mum has worked all over the world and my dad has lived in lots of different countries. I have had the privilege to visit 16 different countries by the age of 20 and nothing compares to getting to experience the variety of beauty in these places. 

Without a doubt, my favourite country overall is Jamaica - not only is it beautiful with its aqua sea, glistening waterfalls and swaying palm trees, but the culture and its people are second to none. Although the country is severely lacking in financial wealth, they have so much more social wealth than us here in Britain. Often while neighbourhoods come together to cook food, with each family bringing something like rice or supplying music, and they all eat and have a great time together - loads of people in the UK don't even speak to their next door neighbour, let alone everyone on the whole estate! I think it's a testament to the people there that the country is so poor but their spirit and love of good times shines through. I first visited the country when I was having a really rough time and hearing some of their stories really changed my perspective on life - one guy told me 'can you change it? No? Then don't worry about it, just accept it' and I try to remember that if I'm getting too anxious! So Jamaica is an AMAZING place and I hope you get to experience it one day. 

Another favourite of mine would have to be Italy - I've been to Venice, Rome, Florence, Sorrento and driven along the Amalfi Coast - each place was so unique and charming in its own way. Rome is steeped in history and every corner you turn there's a beautiful side street to be discovered, Venice is just... Venice, there's no other city built on a network of canals and that is really something to experience, Florence has so much art history and there are SO many incredible buildings to see and Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast are so colourful and pretty with swaying palm trees and little limoncello stalls at the side of the road!

I don't think there's any feeling that compares to exploring a new place and the experiences that come with it - some of them not always the best but they can turn into a funny memory! There is nothing  like finding an amazing view or meeting a wonderful person that you wouldn't have had the privilege of experiencing had you not ventured to that new place. In my eyes, there aren't many things that can top travelling. 

Lucie's thoughts: "I’ve always travelled; in a baby carrier strapped to my mum's chest like a hairless kangaroo at a street market in Kowloon, or in a pram pushed by my dad as he rattled off the names of the streets of Ghuangzou. My buggy at the age of 2 was called “The Rolls Royce”, and it was the first thing off the plane when we arrived in Costa Rica - our home for the next two years. When I was 4 we lived in Mexico, and then LA. My name was changed twice because it was too difficult for people to pronounce. I celebrated my 5th birthday in Toronto. My Canadian cousins thought I was weird, because I could speak Spanish but not English. 

My parents took me everywhere with them. They were older, and had retired early; my school holidays were split between historical cities in the summer, and ski trips in winter. Easter break was always spent in Hong Kong so I wouldn’t “forget how to speak Chinese”. I learned to balance my food with purpose between my chopsticks, rather than to stab it like my cousins in Canada did. I drank watermelon juice to cool off when air conditioning was no longer enough. I tried pomelo and dragonfruit in Thailand, and was warned against chewing gum in Singapore. In France I learned about Gothic arches and the messiest way to eat a crรชpe.  I drank watered down wine with my dinner and learned how to order food in French, tried real Italian pizza in Milan, and slurped tempura udon in Yokohama. I even rode on a monorail. 

I’m a third culture kid and a first generation Canadian. When I was in high school my parents moved to Luxembourg, because it’s one of the easiest places in Central Europe to travel from. I didn’t even think twice before applying to university in the UK, choosing two Scottish schools and UCL in London as my potential home for the next four years.

I took my first solo trip when I was 19. As soon as exams finished in May, I was on a plane to Paris with a suitcase big enough to fit an adult human and the address of a cheap but cheerful hostel in the 6ieme arrondissement, near the Jardin de Luxembourg. I learned more French in that fortnight than in 12 years of French classes. I figured out the Metro system, took photos on a disposable camera, found the Degas family tomb at Pรจre Lachaise, and visited every major art museum in the city. It’s where I first discovered the female Impressionists, and also where I decided that I preferred Manet’s painted snapshots over Monet’s landscapes. I drooled over the fabric shops in Montmartre and fell in love with the colourful Antoine et Lili shop on Rue des Martyrs in Pigalle. When I ran out of money I found a cheap ramen restaurant on Rue Sainte Anne with the biggest portions of noodles I’d ever seen, and it’s still there. It’s still cheap. I’m not a student anymore and I can afford to eat at fancier places, but I still go back every time.. I saw all the touristy places and all the random arty destinations I’d read about in books, and it was incredible. 

There’s really nothing like going away somewhere by yourself, to take time and explore all the things you don’t even realise will become your favourites."

My thought: "I've done a fair bit of travelling in my 21 years, an annual trip to my hometown town in Italy meant I got to see plenty of airports, train stations, taxi rinks and bus stations. I started travelling at four years when my father took me to Italy for the first time and I remember being so amazed by seeing a whole new country, although I didn't understand the distance we'd gone and I thought we'd be going home the same day we got there! Since then I've also traveled up and down my own country and although I live in a small town near Hull I've lived in Nottingham, Scunthorpe and had plenty of weekends away to Manchester. My favourite thing about travelling to a new place is seeing just how different things can be outside your usual residence; the people, the fashion, the cuisine, the shops and the landscape - it can all be vastly different!

It may be a tad weird to some but I actually enjoy the travel a lot more than I should, despite being tired or hungry and cramped inside a departure lounge at Stansted Airport I always get super excited and jittery. I also think the reason I have no flying fears is because I started so young and got used to it quickly, the same goes for being able to handle long car rides or train rides because I just got accustomed to it. I personally love to be out and about instead of one place for too long and I even find myself getting excited for my daily bus rides to college because I've not seen much else apart from my hometown for a couple of months.

In the future I hope to travel to many different countries and new places, starting with America because I love the look of their food, their landmarks and I really want to go to Vegas even if I come back broke and married to my boyfriend by an Elvis impersonator! I also want to visit Greece, France, Germany, Australia and Canada at some point so lets hope I wrack up those travel miles.

Thank you to my three writers this week I thoroughly enjoyed working with you as usual! Until next Saturday folks.


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  1. Loved this x you're so sweet ๐Ÿ’•

  2. This is such huge a great post! I'd love to travel more one day and Berlin especially sounds amazing. Paris is probably my favourite of all the places I've visited so far though

    1. Thank you! I'd love to go to Paris! xx

  3. As a girl at the age of 21 has just applied for her first ever passport this post has got me really excited about travelling and all the places and things I want to get up to! I loved reading your opinions and stories about travelling and I can't wait to have my own stories to tell!
    Robyn // http://www.midnightandlace.co.uk/

    1. Aw glad this post got you excited! Thank you xx

  4. I love to travel so it's great reading lots of good tips for different places. I've been to Berlin which was such a great city, very cosmopolitan. I've never been to Jamaica or South America but they sound amazing and I'd love to visit. xx

  5. I loved this!! It's great to read different peoples perspectives and experiences. I also love travelling, whether it be a long haul holiday or a break in the UK. I love being away from home and experiencing new things.

    Hayley | hayleyxmartin

  6. aw, I love the topic of travel because there's so much to talk about it! I want to travel soon so bad! x

    sami / samiyah.co.uk

  7. So interesting to hear everyone's travelling experiences! I personally haven't left the UK so some of the stories are quiet incredible to me!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

  8. I wish I had the money to travel but I am certainly saving up for it! I'd love to go to Italy!

    Meg x | the-writeblog.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Aw Italy is amazing hope you make it there one day xx

  9. Such a great idea! I have never seen this been done before. It was nice to read what you all had to say!

    Sophia xo // https://sophiaaaxo.com

  10. I love to travel, but I very rarely get the opportunity to go somewhere exciting. Berlin is definitely on my hit list, and I loved reading about everyone's experiences - another great post zara! x

    Rachel | kyvbey.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you Rachel, hope you make it to Berlin soon! xx

  11. This was a lush post! So interesting and definitely inspired me more to travel which is definitely something I want to do and have been lucky to have done! But great read ✈️๐Ÿ


    1. Hope you get to see the world lovely thank you! xx

  12. Travelling is always exciting, I started at a young age whether it was visiting family in India, attending weddings in Canada or discovering European cities via a coach trip. Loved reading all the posts, great series dear.

    Tx. // MusicGeekOnline

    1. That sounds lovely, you've traveled well! xx

  13. I have so many places on my travel Wishlist! Loved this post xx


  14. Love the structure of this post! Getting multiple opinions and creating a collaborative post around one topic is very engaging and all of you are great writers, so this was a really good read!

    1. Thank you! Myself and my writers try our best each week! xx