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Let's Talk - Hobbies!

August 12, 2017

Happy Saturday everyone! It's time for another Let's Talk segment and this time we're discussing our hobbies and things we enjoy in our free time! I have three fabulous writers joining me for this post so allow me to introduce:

Post IVF - @PostIvf on twitter and their blog is found at https://postivfworld.wordpress.com/

Olivia - @Oliviamchale on twitter and their blog is found at http://www.thenorthernist.co.uk/ 

Jade - @Thelovelyloud on twitter and their blog is found at https://girluntitled.com/

Here is our discussion on hobbies!

Post IVF's thoughts: "Thank you so much to Zara for asking me to do this post, although I love to write about fertility and mental health it really is refreshing to write about some thing different!

So... we are talking about what we do in our free time...

I love to keep busy, myself and Hubby are the same in that way, especially in the summer we literally sleep and (sometimes) eat at home but even that doesn't happen very often!

This summer we have spent our time out and about on new bikes we got just before the the summer began, we ride for miles through the countryside after work and it's fab to blow away the cobwebs,especially after a tough day!!

We are so lucky that we live in such a beautiful part of the U.K, Northumberland offers everything for an outdoorsy type, and we can ride from our house down the River Tyne all the way to the coast and back (or can get the train if we are tired) I recommend this area to anyone who likes walking/riding or just generally being outside!

We also have a side business that is going pretty well right now, we sell art pieces to weddings (bet that is something you didn't know about me!!) so we either make our own or commission art from other artists, this is totally NOT a job for us, yes making money is what makes the world go round but we meet some awesome people and get to be involved in some great events, it even lets us go away for weekends to amazing places for nothing!!

I NEED my friends and family in my life as much as possible! A weekend doesn't count in my world unless I have spent time with them!

My grandmother is 83, and she is an amazing lady! We call her the queen and she loves to get drunk on prosecco with us on a summers evening, she seriously throws the best parties, so I try to make as much time for her and the rest of my loved ones as I can! It is so important wouldn't you say? You never know, especially with grandparents when your time will run out with them!

Finally, I am a thinker, and I need to have my time where I am by myself, chilling, collecting my thoughts and recuperating, usually after a hectic weekend, so Sunday is my evening, hubby usually goes out, I have a shower (not that I don't usually), I tend to eat poached egg on toast and I watch some Murder Mysteries, they are my guilty pleasure and I cant get enough of them! But yeah, me time is pretty important for my sanity, not that I have much of that left!!

So there it is folks, I could babble on so much more as I do have a habit of doing, but there it is, a little look into the things that keep me sane, happy and motivated!"

Olivia's thoughts: "I hadn’t thought about it too much until Zara was looking for people to contribute to this post, but hobbies are quite a big part of my life. I’m very introverted, so having lots of different hobbies that I can fill my time with is so beneficial to me. After work, being out and about all day, or spending time in with a group of people, all I want to do is come home and do something that I love to get my energy back.

Lots of people stick to one hobby and absolutely thrive with it, but for me, I love to dabble in lots of different things. I think this is something that I’ve picked up from my mum because she’s exactly the same, and it’s not that I get bored of one hobby – I just like to try new things and find out what suits me best! I’ve tried all sorts of things over the years that haven’t stuck, like horse riding (which I loved, but got too expensive), knitting, making dreamcatchers and papercrafts, but right now, I’m loving baking (which you’ll know if you’ve read my blog), cross stitching and watercolours. I find that these three things are particularly creative and give me an outlet to express myself.

I think it’s pretty important for everyone to have at least one hobby, whether it be a sport, something arty or collecting something. Other aspects of life can get pretty hectic, so be able to sit down and do something that is completely managed by you, or to play on a sports team with friends and release some frustrations is an absolute blessing! I don’t think people realise how amazing it is for their mental health, but I find that every time I work on a cross stitching project or bake something, I’m so much calmer and fulfilled afterwards.

I have absolutely no doubt that I will keep dabbling in new hobbies in the future, in a sort of try-before-you-buy fashion. I’ve been thinking a lot about embroidery recently, so I think that’s next on my list of things to try (I’ve got a stripy top that is crying out for some embroidered roses), as well as making my own clothes. Seriously, my YouTube history is full of tutorials on how to make circle skirts and half aprons!

If you’re looking to pick up a hobby, I think the first thing to do is assess what type of person you are. Because I’m a bit more of a quiet, homebody type of person, I don’t tend to look at sports and sway towards more creative options. Take a look to see if there are any classes or groups in your area, or just have a good look on Pinterest and YouTube to see if you can do your hobby from home. Once you’ve found the perfect one for you, I promise, you’ll see such a difference in your wellbeing!"

Jade's thoughts: "Free time, what’s that? Between juggling two jobs, going to school full time, and trying to maintain a social life, I used to feel like I had no time for hobbies or fun activities…then one day I realized I had to make time—it wasn’t going to just fall into my lap. I learned to prioritize my time. If I stopped spending 15+ minutes at a time scrolling through social media, I could fill that time with something more fulfilling like reading some of a book, researching something I’m curious about, or finding a recipe to try. If I stopped staying up til 5 AM drinking with friends, I’d have more energy the next day to explore nature or start a new crafty project! Discovering how to maximize my time mindfully has made a huge impact on my happiness & contentment with life overall.

A huge passion of mine is health. So many people have no idea just how amazing their minds and bodies are capable of feeling if only they would nourish them properly. Food is fuel! One of my favorite things to do each week is pick out a few new healthy recipes to try—I love meal prepping while listening to music or watching TV. It’s so therapeutic to me; plus it’s fun to learn which flavors go with which and discover new meals to share with family and friends!

Self-love and mental health is also extremely important to me after many years of dealing with anxiety and depression. I’ve found that the two activities to really pull me out of any negative mindset are either “Make something” or “Go somewhere.” It doesn’t matter what or where; it just matters that I’m escaping my chaotic thoughts. There is something so liberating and exciting about creating something from nothing, to see a visual interpretation of what’s inside of me. With hiking it’s the opposite—I go somewhere pretty to get lost in what’s outside of me. The awe of nature never ceases to humble me; my problems don’t seem so overwhelming.

If I’m not doing constructive things like cooking, crafting, or exploring, I love spending time with loved ones and meeting new people. Connecting with others is so rewarding to me—whether it be playing board games and laughing at stories or letting a stranger get some stress off their chest and comforting them, it sets my soul on fire. Life doesn’t have to be so hard when we can learn to lean on each other.

Overall, I like to keep an open mind when it comes to how to use my free time. As of now my hobbies are mostly cooking and crafting, but the beauty of life is we have all this time to try all sorts of pastimes! I highly encourage anyone reading this to explore your opportunities & practice utilizing your time mindfully to get the most out of this life experience—you will never regret it."

My thoughts: "Free time is something I have at the moment because I'm not at college and I've had almost three months to do what I've wanted before going back to work work work! My hobbies and activities include the gym, dog walking, writing, blogging, reading, watching movies and spending time with loved ones. To me having free time is very necessary because its physically exhausting to try and work all the time so if you're able to have those moments of relaxation I say GRAB EM!

I'm always looking for new things to try with my free time and its because of my curiosity that I even started this blog and joined the gym! I love a challenge and I don't mind the work I do at college because I'm always learning but I like physical activities as well as mental or educational, having said that there are days (like today) I just want to do nothing and let the day go by.

I also love involving others in my hobbies; my boyfriend goes to the gym with me on his days off and we walk our dog together and we have our movie or gaming days. My mum and I both actually enjoy cleaning and cooking so sometimes we help one another clean the house, do the garden or create something in the kitchen. It's great to involve another person with your activities especially if its a close loved one. Part of me cant wait to have children so I can take them on bike rides, take them swimming, teach them to bake and cook with their mama!

As always a massive MASSIVE thank you to my guest writers this week I really enjoyed reading their segment and agreed with a lot of what they said. I'll be back with another edition of Let's Talk next week where myself and a few other writers discuss our love for Autumn! Have a good day everyone.


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