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Let's Talk - Autumn!

August 19, 2017

It's Saturday; also known as "Let's Talk day" on my blog! I've written a whole load of these before and you can read any of them HERE. Today's topic is all about why myself and my guest writers enjoy Autumn - I know its still August but where I live Autumn is definitely on its way; leaves are falling off the trees in chunks, the weathers cooling down, there are more grey and rainy days and I swear I've smelled a few bonfires.
A collage I made last year when out with my puppy!
So as well as my own writing I have three fantastic guest writers joining me, and here they are:

Tiffany: (@TiffanyRawling on Twitter) - her blog is found at http://www.foodandotherloves.co.uk/

Jennifer: (@_Jennifwa on Twitter) - her blog is found at http://www.velvetspring.co.uk/

 @altspeaking on Twitter and her blog is found at http://alternativelyspeaking.ca/

I'm extremely grateful for these three ladies accompanying me on this weeks post and I'm delighted to share their posts with you all:

Tiffany's thoughts: "Autumn has been one of my favourite seasons for as long as I can remember and I look forward to it ever single year so I’m so happy to be contributing to the post! I could write about Autumn all day, and I love it for a number of reasons really but there are a few I had to mention in this post:

As soon as Autumn starts, it means Christmas is on the way! That’s the main thing for me. When I first see leaves all over the ground and the weather starts to change I just get so excited. I think once summer is out of the way the months go so fast and the run up to Christmas just goes so quick so I always know it won’t be too long before Christmas day has arrived and I’m opening presents and making Christmas dinner. I also think once Autumn has arrived, that’s when it becomes more acceptable to properly start planning for Christmas and to also make a start on all my shopping!

The next thing I love about Autumn is seeing leaves all over the ground. Everything automatically looks so much prettier to me outside and I always want to be out doing something. I don’t know what it is about it but I think it’s so nice to go outside in some comfy boots for a walk and just kick up all the leaves that have fallen. I love a long walk in the colder months so I can’t wait for more of that this year. You can also get some pretty good pictures outside in Autumn!

Another thing I love is that I get to wear all my comfy and cosy clothes! I hate warm weather and having to wear things like dresses in the summer and not being able to wear a jacket is hell for me. I just want to wear jumpers all year round! So in Autumn there is nothing better than getting layered up, wearing some chunky knits and some nice boots and getting properly cosy. I look forward to buying a few autumnal bits every year and I love in the colder months being outside exploring wrapped up.

The last thing I love about Autumn is all the hot food and drink! There is nothing better than a hot cup of a tea and a pack of biscuits in Autumn, even better on a day where it’s cold out and you just want to get all warm and cosy. Autumn also means more excuses for hot chocolates topped with cream and marshmallows which is just the best, and also all the comforting home-made meals like stews, casseroles and pies! I love being home making meals like that on a cold Autumn day and then that night getting comfy on the sofa with a Christmas film and a blanket!"

Jennifer's thoughts: "Autumn is my favourite time of the year for so, soooo many reasons. I love that the weather starts to draw colder, so I can bring out all my chunky knitwear and cardigans and be comfy AF, it’s the right time to become a snuggly little burrito in public. I feel like an outfit is never fully complete without a little layering and my favourite colours to wear are very autumnal, like burgundy’s, dark greens, that whole sh’bang. Paired with a lush berry red lip and a dark green polish and bam, you’re ready for the season. Besides fashion though, I love the feeling of walking and crunching on crispy fallen leaves, it is SO satisfying. Then the  rushing back home, popping on a cute pair of pyjamas and slippers to watch the night grow darker with a cup of creamy hot chocolate (In a Disney mug, with lots of sprinkles of course). I also start to get ridiculously excited for Halloween as it’s right around the corner in Autumn. So I love spending long nights, watching scary movies and planning my halloween outfits."

 It has hit that time of year again - where we find ourselves winding down from the summer, looking forward to the cooler weather and the changing of the leaves. Pumpkin spice everything graces the shelves and the world of fashion shifts to sweater, scarves and boots. 

While some people dread this time of year, longing to hold onto the freedom and good times of the summer, others (like me) wait all year just for this moment. What is it about autumn that matters so much to me you may ask? One word - HALLOWEEN! 

That's right, I can take or leave the rest, and I do appreciate all that the other seasons have to offer but I start counting down to Halloween on November 1st! 

By this time of year I have already developed a detailed plan on the elaborate decorations that will grace my home, showing off my love of the season to all who pass by, and this years costume has long past been decided and nearly completed. I am starting to look into the local events around that time of year - haunted houses and ghost tours for example. I have made an extensive list of all my favourite Halloween movies (I wouldn't want to miss any) and am prepared for some hardcore movie binge sessions, candy corn in hand. 

You see, Halloween for me is more than just a passing holiday - it's who I am at the core. It embodies everything I love and enjoy, and this one time each year the world around me embraces and enjoys it too! 

It's costume parties with friends, good laughs at the best haunted houses, indulging in far too many sweets (before the day even hits), cute trick or treaters coming to your door... It's one moment in time each year where you can be anyone or anything, living in the moment with no fear of judgement. 

So, while so many of you are still focused on the fact summer is coming to a close, getting excited about fall foliage and pumpkin spice (alright, confession - I'm not a fan) or already looking ahead to the Christmas season, I can be found in the corner carving a jack-o-Lantern, sporting a pointed hat and singing "This is Halloween"!  Care to join me?

My thoughts: "For me Autumn is that time of year when you can snuggle under the covers watching horror movies, getting ready for Halloween and looking at how pretty the leaves on the trees turn. I also love Autumn because we celebrate Bonfire Night here in England which is a fun night where we all gather round a bonfire, watch fireworks, eat freshly cooked hot snacks and enjoy one another's company. My birthday is also in Autumn (October 5th) so this season was the season I was introduced to the world, its probably why its my favourite.

I think I'm more excited for Autumn this year because our Summer has been a total fail in most areas where I would normally enjoy it, I've written it off as a bad job and I just want my cosy Autumn time now. I don't have any Halloween plans as of yet but I'm hoping I find something super fun and exciting to do because I love Halloween.

Autumn also means Christmas isn't too far off and I can start getting excited about what I'm treating everyone else to, I have a few ideas on how to include my new blogging friends this winter with cute Christmas gifts and I may even do something for Halloween, just make sure you get a treat and not a trick!"

Where are all my Autumn fans at? Yeah I see you, it's almost our time to shine *This Is Halloween plays softly in the background*

Happy Saturday everyone, have a great weekend and enjoy the rest of August!


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  1. I love Autumn as well! It's the best time to get out all my favourite jumpers and comfy pjs and get really nice smelling candles to light when I have a bath! It's the cosy season!

  2. I always really enjoy your "let's talk" series I love hearing people different perspectives on things. The autumn and winter time have to be my favourite time! I love the dark, crisper weather. I also think that winter fashion is so so much better than summer fashion - I love coats and boots!! Now I have started a family Christmas is so much mor exciting and magical again! K xx