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Date Night At A Vegan Friendly Restaurant

August 15, 2017

Every Saturday night me and my boyfriend Craig find something nice to do for date night, last weeks was a chilled out trip to a bowling alley (which you can read about HERE) and this weeks was a wonderful dinner at a Vegan friendly Italian restaurant named Colosseo! I was thrilled with the idea of going to an Italian place as being half Italian I felt comfortable speaking and ordering in my language and I got to show Craig some of the meals I was used to when abroad.
So beautiful, I didn't want to touch anything
The restaurant itself is somewhere I've been before on my 18th birthday with the Italian side of my family and I had a lovely time, the owners are friends of my family and I remember the service being so warm and friendly. This time was no different and despite it being over 3 years since I stepped foot in Colosseo they recognized me and gave me and Craig a very warm welcome, I instantly felt at home! We sat down to the beautiful table and ordered some drinks and one of the waitresses brought me and Craig some appetizers for free.
Bruschetta with tomato and red onion salad
The appetizers offered consisted of two pieces of bruschetta coated in diced tomato, red onion and olive oil which is a common starter in Italian cuisine.We ate our appetizers while having a look at the menu and eventually decided on sharing two main meals; a pasta dish consisting of penne done in a garlic and tomato sauce and a Magherita pizza that had Vegan cheese on it! It smelled amazing in the restaurant and while we waited I told Craig how pizza is made in Italy by hand and how fast they cooked in the large pizza ovens, he looked excited to try it.
Penne pasta in tomato and garlic sauce
First off the pasta; As an Italian I'm used to the rich tomato sauces that they serve with pasta and the one pictured above tasted just like the dishes my Nonna would cook, it was soft and light on the stomach with a gorgeous Mediterranean flavour. This made me feel like I was instantly back in Ostuni (the town which my family comes from) especially as I was talking to the waiters in Italian and we had a lovely conversation. Halfway through me and Craig swapped meals so we could try a little of each and he loved both the pasta and the pizza.
Magherita pizza
Onto the pizza; the best word to describe this pizza is "heaven" pure and simple, the crust was crispy and golden while the sauce and cheese made a succulent and juicy topping. I LOVE pizza and I always miss authentic Italian pizza slices when I'm in England but I certainly got a taste of home with this dish. Craig was certainly impressed with his half and noticed that even though the recipe was quite simple, the amount of flavours in each bite was extremely satisfying!

I was extremely pleased with how well the Vegan cheeses blended on the pizza and even the grated "Parmesan" placed on my pasta (I forgot to photograph it after she put it on, oops) was an amazing substitute. I think me and Craig will return there again for sure, especially as they know me personally and make me feel so welcome, it was a fabulous date!


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  1. You CANNOT go wrong with pasta!! I flippin loveeeee pasta it's one of my all time fave. This looks amazing. I hope date night was super fun😁 I looks yum 😍X

  2. The food looks amazing! I love that it is vegan friendly too it makes a massive difference, the started looks delicious x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿www.kayleighzaraa.com

  3. The food looks really good! I am not a vegan nor a vegetarian. And I don't really eat meat either. But I am always a bit wary of vegan menus because they always seem so boring compared to the basic menu. Which is just a shame. But I am glad this restaurant has a nice vegan menu :)

  4. This looks amazing! I'm vegetarian who likes to eat vegan food. I also studied abroad in Italy so I definitely understand the love of Italian food! It's pretty awesome this vegan restaurant was able to replicate food that tastes like your Nonna's cooking!


  5. These look tasty and I love that you got free apitizers x

    Becca | www.mygirlsandmesite.com

  6. Omg this sounds amazing! Wish we had one in NI! I'm yet to find vegan pizza at a restaurant so I'll add this to my list for if I'm ever in the area!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

  7. love this! I'm still learning about veganism and I'm so glad there are so many different foods you can still have! These look delicious I'll have to try! x