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Starting The Month With A Shopping Spree...

July 07, 2017

So we're in July now, not sure when that happened because I'm mentally still in April somewhere but the year is flying by so I have to catch up! I started the month very well with a big shopping spree with my boyfriend and it was so much fun, I got so many nice things and visited lots of fantastic stores.
My goodies!
The first place we visited was 100% a surprise and my boyfriend Craig had already planned it ahead, as we were walking through the shopping center I was gently pulled into the Build A Bear factory!
Cutest shop on Earth!
I was told to pick out a new friend and have them stuffed to take home with me, it was an adorable surprise and as a lover of teddy bears (I have so many already they're like an army) I was delighted to take part. So, everyone say hello to my new friend Eevee:
Eevee and her Pokemon card!
For those of you who don't know where Eevee comes from, shes a Pokemon and she's always been one of my favourites! I fell in love with her as soon as she was stuffed and ready for a cuddle, I was more than ready to carry her around with a smile on my face. After we were done here we went to a favourite store of mine: LUSH!!
Lush Meadowhall!
Lush is an all time favourite place of mine and here is where a kind sales assistant helped me choose my henna that I recently applied (you can read that post HERE) as well as some other goodies!
My Lush stockpile!
Within this pile I have 4 bath bombs, 2 shower gels and some henna, the bath bombs feature my all time favourites; Intergalactic and Experimenter and a couple of new ones; Metamorphosis and Think Pink.
My shower gel/cream!
A full review of each product will be uploaded at some point starting with the bath bomb I used the other day - Intergalactic.
Once I've used all 4 bombs, photographed them and have the pictures saved I'll start writing up the product reviews and post them on my blog as soon as I can! After visiting Lush I took a trip to another favourite store of mine: The Body Shop
Peep the bunny, aw!
I love this shop for all the nice smelling, brightly coloured products that they have on display. Here is where I go for my bath and shower creams, make up, body lotions and hair treatments. This time I found three perfect items that were on sale
They all smell great!
Two shower gels and a lip gloss, each with their own gorgeous scent and colour and each of them were in the sale section so I got them for a great price!
Kiko brushes!
I also went to Kiko and purchased three new brushes which I discussed and reviewed in a separate blog post found HERE.
Our food!
After shopping we finished with a lovely meal at Handmade Burger Co. and the full review of their vegan food can be found HERE

It was a great day all in all and a fantastic start to the month, I hope the rest of July is as fun!


Build-A-Bear Eevee: £25 without birth certificate or clothes but includes a sound chip and a little red velvet love heart.
Lush Intergalactic: £4.25
Lush Think Pink: £4.25
Lush Metamorphosis: £4.25
Lush Experimenter: £4.25
Body Shop Vanilla Chai Shower Gel: £3
Body Shop Frosted Berries Shower Gel: £3
Body Shop Lip Gloss: £2
Kiko Milano Precision Powder Brush: £9.70
Kiko Milano Sponge Core Foundation Brush: £9.70
Kiko Milano Contouring Brush: £9.70


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  1. Loved this post so much! There's nothing like a proper shopping spree! I have not tried kiko anything but those brushes look amazing! Cannot wait to hear your reviews on everything

    1. Ooh yes Kiko is amazing I do recommend it! Thanks for reading xx