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Lush - Think Pink Bath Bomb

July 21, 2017

Zara's doing a Lush review?? *pretends to be shocked*

Hello all, yes I am in fact reviewing another Lush bath bomb that has tickled my fancy so much that I wanted to share my thoughts with you lovely readers out there! This time I am reviewing the extremely gorgeous (and glittery) Think Pink bath bomb that I managed to snap up on my shopping trip at the start of the month. Now Lush used to have a different bath bomb called Think Pink that was a lot smaller and had little flowers in it, but they've remodeled it and produced this:
Think Pink in all its pink and glittery glory
This bath bomb is absolutely gorgeous and I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it, from the colour and the design to the scent that makes you go "oooh" after you smell it - it is amazing!
10/10 action shot
Here is what to expect when you pop this beauty in the bath tub, a huuuuge fizz of colour and the pinkest foam you have ever seen immediately disperses and wafts a smell of vanilla absolute, tonka absolute and neroli oil your way. 
Twilight is that you??
This photo reminds me so much of the Twilight bath bomb that Lush do because it also looks like a big foamy ball of pinkish stuff up until it splits and leaves a trail of blue everywhere, except in this case there is no blue...
BAM more pink
...theres just even more pink to add to the already pretty picture. I had great fun following this little bomb around the tub snapping photos of it doing its thing and the smell was absolutely incredible! So you let the bomb do its thing and you may end up with some cool aesthetic looks in your bath water.
Its a glittery vortex of awesomeness..
Like this! I was super lucky to get this photo as right after I took it the bomb split in half and the pattern melted away, it was tragic. I honestly adore this bath bomb and will definitely be picking up another when I can, but if you hate pink stay well away from this product at all costs!

WARNING: As with all Lush bath bombs some extra bath cleaning may be needed after you drain the water due to the huge amount of glitter they put in, but its all worth it!


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