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Lush - Experimenter Bath Bomb

July 17, 2017

Hello dear readers, its time for Zara to post yet another Lush review! I recently decided to share my thoughts on some of my classic Lush favourites to add to the reviews I've done in the past and in my last post I spoke about the Intergalactic bath bomb! This time I will be writing about another bath bomb fave but this one is called the Experimenter, now this along with the Intergalactic get a lot of praise from die hard Lushies like myself and I just had to add my penny's worth.
The shape itself is amazing, its like a little diamond!
This brightly coloured little gem smells amazing which I assume is down to the vetivert oil, tonka absolute and vanilla absolute. The scent is definitely one of the reasons I adore this product.
Excuse the chipped nail varnish
The mixture of colours is another bonus and one side is the lovely pink and blue you see above, the other side features a white and gold mixture but both sides are joined with a purple center.
I'm so proud of this photo, good job iPhone!
Similarly to the Intergalactic, when placed in water it instantly starts fizzing away and bursting with colour. In the photo above you can see the white and gold bottom half I was describing leaking into the water with taints of blue and pink from the top half. It makes for a very visually interesting bath time.
Rainbow bath, yay!
The amount of colours left in the bath water are pretty extensive in range and it looks absolutely wonderful, its like bathing in a rainbow that smells nice and has popping candy in it. What's not to love about that??
Another good photo of the Experimenter.
I think the exciting visual of this product and the pleasant smell is what makes it such a favourite of mine and a lot of other Lush fans, they really gave us a treat when they made this bath bomb! I just wish I had one now because the photos are making me want to use one...

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  1. I love this bath bomb!! It reminds me of being somewhere oriental as I think the scent is similar to incense :) and the colours are super fabulous!
    Alice Xx

    1. Yes I love the scent of this bomb it's so relaxing! xx