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My Vegan Lunch - Handmade Burger Co.

July 03, 2017

Happy Monday blog readers, hope you all have a fantastic week!

While out shopping the other day me and my boyfriend Craig decided to find somewhere to eat that could accommodate our dietary requirements, the food court at Meadowhall has a vast choice in menu but obviously we were looking for somewhere that does vegan food. We stumbled upon the Handmade Burger Co. on the upper level of the food court and sat down to a fantastic meal and refreshing drinks!
Raspberry and lemon fizzy water with mint and lime!
These are the drinks we began with and I must say I've never had such an elegant looking drink that didn't have alcohol in it before! The taste was a mixture between sweet and refreshing, and sharp with zest from the lime and lemon. I finished mine before my food arrived it was that good!
Our meal and sides, all vegan on my side!
Now onto the food itself, I can start by saying I have NEVER had so much food in a short space of time before - not even on Christmas Day when food is placed everywhere and escape is non existent. The burgers we asked for were the new Veg Mex burger consisting of; a vegetable patty, avocado, homemade salsa, tomato, lettuce, onion and jalapeno (plus the chilli sauce I drizzled on it), it was amazing! The chips were proper thick cut, homemade chips that I prefer any day over skimpy fries, these were also adorned with guacamole, jalapenos, salsa and onion. Our other side were the homemade onion rings and MY GOD they were good! Craig's chips contained cheese and Chipotle mayonnaise that normally comes with Mexican chips I had just veganised mine.
I was defeated :(
Despite the food being fantastic I didn't manage to eat all of it and neither did Craig resulting in at least half the content and most onion rings being left. I hate food waste so I was rather disappointed in myself but they really give you plenty to eat in that place so the waitress understood. All in all a fantastic meal that appealed to my love of spicy food and my boyfriends love for burgers.

10/10 Handmade Burger Co. - Nice job!


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  1. Blimey this all looks AMAZING and I'm not even vegan! You're right about the drinks though, they look incredibly refreshing and I don't drink either so these would be perfect. I'm not surprised you couldn't finish everything, there was a mountain! <3 xx