Kiko Milano - Brush Review

July 04, 2017

Another day, another review of the products I got at the weekend!

Today's post is a review and description of the new brushes I purchased on my shopping trip from Kiko Milano in Meadowhall! The store itself is very popular and was full of girls browsing its content and their boyfriends vaguely nodding and smiling where necessary, bless their hearts.
My new babies!
I want to get a couple of their brushes every month or so to build up a collection and I started out with three amazing products that I have since fallen in love with! Each brush was £9.70 so for three brushes it came to just under £30 which I think is quite good for decent quality brushes.
New brushes look so clean and pure its lovely
Each brush came in a lovely black and white box with tidy packaging and a really pretty bag that I can't bring myself to throw away because its so cute.
Precision Powder Brush
This brush is really fluffy and easy to use, I use this to apply powder onto my skin and blend it into my foundation without any creases, streaks or blotches. Its quite a light brush so a delicate sweeping motion across the skin is best, some brushes need a firmer hand but this one is too subtle.
Sponge Core Foundation Brush
This one is a type of brush I haven't actually seen before (I'm very uneducated about certain categories of cosmetics you'll have to forgive me) but its really useful in blending in foundation! The little sponge in the center soaks up any excess foundation you may have so as not to leave blotchy marks on the skin and the bristles smooth out the texture into one polished consistency.
Contouring Brush
 I actually own one of these from a different brand and use it to apply and blend my highlighter, so I figured I could use one to do the same for my contour and it is fantastic! With the head of the brush being so well shaped, you get a clean line of product on your skin that is easy to blend into the appropriate contouring tone.

In summary all three of these brushes are more than satisfactory at their job and have made it so much easier to apply make up (I'm still miles behind other girls though) which is what I got them for so 10/10 Kiko!


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  1. These brushes look lush, I love them!

    Meg x |

  2. OOooo these sound like great brushes I think j might have to invest in some of them 💖🍵 -

  3. I really like the look of these, you can never pay enough for good quality brushes.
    Panda xo |

  4. These brushes look amazing! They are so pretty and they look like really quality brushes. Please show us what look you can create with them!

  5. These look good!! I have never purchased anything from KIKO, is there anything else you would recommend from them?

    hayley //

  6. I always see these brushes and debate whether to buy them! Glad you liked them! xo

    Hanney |

  7. These brushes look amazing! (BTW I love how your boyfriend treated you to a hopping trip. SOO CUTE) xx

    Nouf ||

  8. That sponge core foundation brush sounds so cool! My brushes are all in dire need of replacing, and to be honest, I usually just use the one that comes with the product. But ones this pretty are definitely more fun!