How I Lost 2 Stone

July 26, 2017

So recently I've been tracking my weight alongside my health and fitness regime and yesterday I stepped on the scale and couldn't believe what I saw! I'd lost more weight which would bring my total loss to 27 pounds - I was ecstatic!!
App - MyFitnessPal
I couldn't believe I was 1 pound away from losing two whole stone! Of course I shared my progress online and received so much support from people who sent me congratulations and comments saying how proud they were of me. This made me ridiculously emotional and I was in floods of tears at how far I'd come, but how did I do it? Well I CAN say I didn't drink a magic potion, make a deal with the devil or promise my first born child to a scary elf (thank goodness) but it DID take lots of sweat and tears. I believe my weight loss is down to the following changes in life: *DISCLAIMER: THESE THINGS WORKED FOR ME, THEY MAY NOT BE RELATIVE TO YOUR BODY AND DIET AND THAT'S OKAY!*

1. Diet - A lot of my weight loss I believe to be down to me cutting out dairy from my diet which used to cause severe bloating/discomfort and eating a mostly plant based diet because I've never had such a fast loss in my life (I've only been tracking my weight since I left college and that was only a month and a half ago) and it feels much better to my body. I also stopped eating processed foods, avoided take away and junk food, cut out fizzy drinks and sweets except for the occasional treat day. I also planned each meal carefully making sure I got the right amount of vitamins and nutrients. I always weigh my ingredients when I cook so I can enter them into MyFitnessPal and track the calories/nutritional information which helps immensely so if you have a small kitchen scales this is a good method of portion control.

2. Exercise - I've been hitting the gym at least 4 times a week and ranging between cardio (30 minutes a time) and strength training which has allowed me to burn fat AND build muscle which is the best way to keep your body fit according to my trainer. I also walk my dog for hours at a time, I go swimming, I play badminton and I also dance like a chicken with a bad foot when I'm home alone with music on which has gotta be 100 calories a time right there! An hour of exercise a day at least has helped with my weight loss and muscle toning which is fantastic!

3. Sleep - Believe it or not part of weight loss is getting a good nights sleep which is what I've been trying to do each evening with a minimum of 5-6 hours. If falling asleep early isn't easy for you try meditation with your lights off to get your body used to the dark, quiet environment - and turn off any electronics that will keep you awake!

4. Calorie intake - A healthy woman my age should be having around 2000 calories a day, and while I admit some days I've not been hungry enough to eat that many I've tried to stick to at least 1400 a day to keep my body full of fuel. Some days I struggle to have a set breakfast, lunch and tea so I carry healthy snacks with me.On days I do a lot of exercise (swimming can burn 700 at least an hour) I allow myself a little bit of extra food to replace the energy I used while working out. 

These are most of the things I can think of that has helped with my weight loss and I'm very pleased with my progress! My journey is still a long way from finished but this is a wonderful stepping stone!


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  1. ahhh this is so helpful! I have just joined SW and really enjoying it so far as it doesn't feel like a diet, we'll see if I can loose as much! x

  2. Congratulations, seems like you've done it in a really healthy way too. You've done fab!

    Amy x