My Favourite Vegan Meals

July 18, 2017

Hi there readers!

I'm currently in the middle of a weight loss journey and I am focusing on foods that will keep me full and stop me snacking, give me energy for the gym and help with muscle recovery, I've spoken to a trainer at my gym who approves of what I eat and is even curious about the vegan diet and how much weight I've lost since becoming vegan.

So, here a few of the all vegan meals I enjoy as part of my diet:
1. Jacket potato with vegan mince and a side salad.
I have eaten this meal a lot lately as the protein from the mince and the beans paired with the fibre and vitamins from the potato and salad make for a filling, nutritional and low calorie meal. The mince is Tesco soy vegan mince which I cook in a pan with some onions, garlic, chilli and whatever beans or chickpeas I have lying around, in most cases I use butter beans, kidney beans or borlotti beans. The potato is drizzled in olive oil and seasoned with parsley to give it a nice crispy skin but a soft and tasty middle!

2. Tofu
I didn't realise how much I would like tofu until I gave up meat, and with it being so high in protein but low in fat or calories its perfect for me to enjoy as my breakfast before the gym. The way I prepare it (as shown above) is to press out any water from the tofu, then slice it and chuck it in a pan with olive oil, chickpeas, spinach, onion and spices. It ends up looking like scrambled egg and results in a low fat ,delicious meal that gives you energy and keeps you full for quite a while. 

3. Porridge and fruit
My name isn't Goldilocks, but I sure do love porridge and as a vegan I can make it using a range of non dairy milks such as almond, hazelnut, soy or coconut. As small bowl of porridge and a side of fruit can be a refreshing, filling and enjoyable breakfast, lunch or dinner and you can choose whatever fruits you want with it! The picture above shows a small plate of watermelon but I also enjoy blueberries, strawberries and raspberries with porridge which you can put on top to make it look super pretty!

4. Home made soup
I have nothing against the good people of Heinz who make the soup that many enjoy, but I also love to make my own from scratch with fresh ingredients. This is because some soups you buy in a store may have traces of dairy or animal product (creamy chicken is a big hint), as well as high levels of salt or sugar. When I make my own soup, I slice and dice my veggies and pop them in a big pan with a little bit of pepper and add the vegetable stock that gives it the soup consistency. In the photo above I used carrots, celery, onion, parsley and lentils to make a home made vegetable soup that was delicious and fresh. This is a good low calorie, warm meal that you can enjoy during those cold Winter months when you just fancy some good old soup.

5. Salads
I have always loved salads and use to always pop to Subway for their fresh chicken salads, obviously since going vegan I can't eat the chicken they sell and they don't offer a vegan alternative that I know of (yet). So I stick to making my own and one of the salads I love to make is vegan cheese (Violife for the win), olives, tomatoes, sweetcorn, lettuce and peanuts. This can be made and popped into a tub for either a school lunch, a work dinner or just if you're out and about and need a healthy vegan lunch to keep you going.

These are just some of the dairy and meat free meals I enjoy as part of my diet on a daily basis, I will do future posts with more detail of the meals I enjoy (Cooking With Zara Part 6 is on its way) so keep your eyes out for that!


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  1. These looks quite cool and tasty! Not vegan myself but it does not mean I can't make these ;) xx corinne

  2. Mmm these are all so delicious-looking! I'm always intrigued to see Vegan recipes as I always want to cook nice things for my vegan friends, these all sound yummy!
    Kate x

  3. They all look great! That soup looks so thick and filling, yummy! I never get bored of porridge hehe. How long have you been a vegan for?

  4. I've been thinking about becoming vegan or at least vegetarian in the next few months so I love seeing your suggestions for it! I think I could def get into eating so many of these xx Brynn

  5. They all look so good especially the Tofu. I really like that you said yu make them from your own fresh ingredients too!

  6. This is an interesting read! Always had the opinion that going vegan meant bland foods but these meals look lovely!

  7. I have been quite scared to cook tofu. I have had it in restaurants and like some more than others, so maybe I'll test it out one day haha

    Lily |

  8. I'm trying more and more to cut out meat and find vegi/vegan alternatives; I wish quorn chicken nuggets were vegan because they're amazing!
    Sarah x

  9. These all look super tasty!!! The homemade soup looks so filling and thick. YUM. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Soups are my weakness 100%! I am constantly making soups year round lol!
    Britt |

  11. These meals all look extra delicious! Chickpeas are one of my absolute favorite foods. They just make such a wonderful, filling, nutritious addition to a meal. You've gotten so creative with these meals and I'd love to try these at home!