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Getting Back To The Gym After A Break

July 24, 2017

We've all been there, its been a while since we were at the gym and each day we don't go we just lose interest in it altogether. There are numerous reasons a person will quit the gym; feeling disappointed after seeing little results and losing heart, busy life gets in the way and a four day week becomes a once in a while, or maybe you've sustained an injury and you're nervous about returning in case the injury also returns. Whatever it is I have a few tips and pieces of advice to get you back on track!

1. Lack of confidence in your routine and yourself? Say no more, its so easy to be put off by all the super fit and healthy people at a gym or exercise class because you feel like you stick out like a sore thumb. I myself get super self conscious when a drop dead gorgeous skinny mini on the next machine is running along effortlessly and I'm gasping like a fish out of water but you have to remember that most people are there to better themselves and don't pay you any mind. If your problem is you don't feel like your routine is working for you or that you're unsure of what you're doing then pluck up the courage to speak to a trainer and ask them for advice, they may even give you a program to do that will target a specific goal you have! You can also check online health and fitness groups for advice and tips from professional trainers and if you're on YouTube check out a workout channel for some ideas (I use one and its so good!) or new routines.

2. Don't have the time? Yep I get that, when I was at college I barely made it to the gym even on my days off because I was busy working on assignments and I just didn't have the energy. In this situation the best way to combat the schedule issue is to see if you can link it to another part of your time, for example if you usually spend time with family, friends or children on a weekend then see if you can go somewhere together! Kids love the park to run around, most of them love swimming and some even enjoy long bike rides with parents! If you're a mother, a father or you look after children then see if they can come along to an active hobby with you. It's also said that people who work out with a partner are more likely to stick at it, so if you and your friends or family love the gym, love walks or just enjoy being active involve them too! It can be fun having a familiar face around you while you exercise and can help you reach your goal if it is similar to someone else's. If you work or study full time and spend a lot of time travelling to and from your workplace or school/college/university then see if you can fit in some cycling or walking to add that extra form of exercise to your day. I used to get a taxi from the bus station to my house but I stopped that and started walking home maybe even cutting through the park and I wasn't anymore tired that I would have been anyway, so its a good idea to try and incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Some people also work out on their lunch break if they have the time, maybe a walk in the local park or a bike ride around town may help keep you active without effecting other factors of your life!

3. You had a nasty injury and now you're worried you'll do it again - believe it or not I actually share that sentiment. I dislocated my kneecap January 2016 and it took me six days to talk myself into going to the gym to see a trainer for advice on how to avoid doing it again. The first thing I would do is see your doctor, he or she can advise you on the steps you need to take to fully recover. Trainers can also advise you and work with you individually to suit your needs until you recover or feel confident on your own. Just remember though health does come first so if your doctor or trainer tells you to rest, listen to them!

4. Finances may not allow you to keep to a gym schedule and you may have to quit altogether. As someone with little money myself I can understand why £30 a month can seem extremely high when you have bills, rent, food and possibly children to care for, to some a gym membership is a huge luxury that they really appreciate. In this case I would say have a look either online, at your library or at a local leisure centre because sometimes they do taster months for classes or the gym itself that are half the price a normal month would cost and you don't have to make a commitment once the trial is over. For example my gym is currently offering a "summer month trial" for August where for £20 you can use all the facilities in the leisure centre (pool, gym, dance class and badminton courts) for 31 days and if you decide to join after that its half the usual price (I pay £33 a month for these so half would be around £16.50) to join. Another way is to look for anyone selling exercise equipment and buy your own pieces to use at home, this way you can use it anytime you like and you don't have to constantly pay for a membership (I miss my old treadmill and weight bench *sob*) each month.

Whatever the reason, there are options and help available so don't worry!


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  1. I really wish i had the motivation and determination to go to the gym - but I cant exercise if i KNOW im exercising? I have to do yoga and dance and things like that to enjoy it

  2. Aw you go girl, such an inspiring article, definitely bookmarking haha! I love your blog, following on GFC :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)