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Passing My First Year Of Medical Science

June 13, 2017

"Okay Zara you're free to go, well done on your work and see you in September!"

I've been imagining those words all year and to finally be here to hear them feels fantastic, I cannot stress enough how your self confidence increases when achieving your goals and for once I feel endless pride at my hard work. These last nine months haven't just been about passing my course they've been about trusting myself, persevering when I wanted to give up and proving to myself and others that I am no quitter.

9 months ago I started at Hull College a socially anxious, doubtful mess that would have never put money on it that I would actually finish this year, but through the stress of working and being in a common social environment I've learned to believe in myself and not critique myself too harshly. To everyone with a goal that seems impossible, I managed to concentrate on assignments and maths for nine months without failure there's no way what you want is out of reach!

A huge thank you to my mum and my boyfriend for supporting me during my hard times and to my teachers for providing me with the environment to grow and learn. I return in September for my final year and it'll be over before I even know it I'm sure!

The Wilberforce statue outside my college


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