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My Sunny Weekend...

June 30, 2017

Hello dear reader welcome back to my blog! So recently we've had some lovely weather and I had a fantastic weekend just enjoying the sunshine and pigging out on some amazing food. I also helped my mum plant some flowers in her garden and it looks lovely!
We love to garden!
My neighbourhood is too close together to be able to hold a BBQ without smoking out my next door neighbour so I cooked a BBQ feast inside and we ate it in the garden Alfresco style! I made vegan burgers, jacket potato, salad mix and a huge jug of lemonade for myself and my boyfriend
Delicious food!
The round little snack tray got a lot of use in our house during the sunny period because instead of eating cooked meals we mostly nibbled on healthy bits here and there
£1.50 from Factory Shop, you're welcome!
We also enjoyed chilled drinks outside ranging from "not alcoholic at all" to "you're probably going to pass out in an hour" but I personally couldn't get enough of the Prosecco
Lovely on a hot day!
So yeah it was a great weekend all in all and I hope the sun returns again so I can do it all over again, except with less sunburn and more alcohol...


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