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My Escape Into Nature

June 14, 2017

My local park/woods is the place I go when I need some peace or just want a stroll along at my own pace, it is quiet, beautiful and just what I need to relax. This post is basically a tribute to one of my favourite places in my town, somewhere I can truly enjoy.
Grass, sun and peace
This morning, I was walking my dog and I decided to snap some photos of how gorgeous the woods looked in the sunshine, from the baby blue sky to the sheen of the dewy morning grass - it has a really refreshing feel to it.
Baloo are you in there?
It has lots of secluded places to walk through and I love these spots because I see all sorts of flowers, insects, animals and plants in their natural habitat. It resembles a jungle in some places including the photo above with the huge tangle of plants and trees, but without the man eating animals inside of course!
Baby trees
These little trees have been planted here by our local council as a memorial for the men of Barton who died during the Battle of Loos in 1915, I think they're a lovely idea and when they grow they will look fantastic. They've planted them where there is a gap in the trees but as soon as they grow that gap will be filled in, and it'll be one big woodland area.
A dedication
This is the plaque placed with the trees which describes why they have been planted there. I love walking past all the little baby trees that are starting to grow upwards and outwards and are starting to get big and strong. It reminds me of a metaphor of myself, that I started out as a baby tree and I'm constantly growing and changing to fit my surroundings. I do a lot of deep thinking in my local park/woods.
Spot the doggy
This photo is perhaps my favourite of this morning as it shows my little doggy deep in thought at the nature surrounding him, probably mesmerized by a bird or something similar. I think he really enjoyed his walk and I plan to take him out as often as I can, to a place we both enjoy!


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  1. Lovely post, Zara. The pictures are gorgeous too! They make me wanna go for a stroll in the woods xx

    Emma | www.brooklynisburning.co

    1. Thank you! I always love a good walk in the summer time xx

  2. It's always so nice to have a stroll through the park! Walking the dog or just walking yourself! Always so refreshing! xx corinne

    1. Totally agree it's so lovely! Thank you for reading xx

  3. Ugh! This looks sooo peaceful. I need to take a break out into nature soon. Great post love!

    1. Nature is always great to escape into! Thanks for reading xx