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My Dogs 1st Birthday!

June 18, 2017


So yesterday was my dogs first ever birthday and if you think for one second that I spent ALL my money, my time and my energy buying gifts and treats for my dog - then you're damn right I did!

The birthday boy in question..
We started off by taking him for a beautiful walk through our local park as the sun was shining and it was gorgeous. While we were out we headed into the towns pet shop to get him the toy of his choice, and what he ended up choosing was a toy pig of all things. The idea was to keep him quiet while we drove out to a bigger pet store in the next town, but silence was not what we were greeted with...
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So we eventually got to Pets At Home in Scunthorpe and by this point I never wanted to hear a squeaky pig ever again (so imagine my joy when another dog was in there squeaking one) and was ready to do some shopping. One of the items we got him was this adorable little shirt that reads "Here comes trouble" and (are you ready for this) he modeled it for us later on that day:

I warned you, total cutie pie!
We also got him another squeaky ball, a toy donut that had a squeaker in it which he loves and some little treats to eat in the car on the way home. For dinner he enjoyed beef in gravy and this totally cute birthday cake:

Ordered from Bonniedogs.com - £3.99
It was  more of a biscuit than a cake sort of thing but he enjoyed it and he still has half of it left for today! All in all he had a fantastic day with a great ride out and I got some cute photos so I would say it was a 100% success.

Have you ever celebrated YOUR pets birthday? Tell me all about it, its so sweet!


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  1. Awwww your dog is lovely! It sounds like you had a really lovely day (apart from the squeaking!)

    Becca x

    1. We had a great day thank you so much xx

  2. So cute!!! Whenever we buy my dog any toys he has them pulled to shreads in (I'm not exaggerating) two minutes. xx

    1. Yeah that sounds like Dean for sure! xx

  3. Aww your dog is so damn cute! It's making me broody for a pupper. :')