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Let's Talk - Health & Fitness!

June 03, 2017

Hello all, it is time for another Let's Talk segment! You can find my previous installments on my blog under the Let's Talk part of my toolbar, just click and have a browse.

This week we will be discussing health and fitness, and I have two amazing writers guest posting for me and giving their own account of what health and fitness means to them;

2. Emma Jarrett from http://emmachxrlotte.com/
And of course myself!

@aimeebrowes on Twitter
Aimee's thoughts: "For me, fitness is a huge part of my life it helps me deal with my anxiety and keeps me on track mentally. I train regularly be this in the gym, running in the countryside or even a short walk! At first I struggled with fitness and overexercised massively leading to be developing Body Dysmorphic Disorder. Over time I educated myself and instead exercise became something I enjoyed and didn't force myself into, I stopped "having to exercise for hours" and instead did what I love, I ran, swam and walked. I began my blog to help teach people exercise doesn't have to be for hours and not fun. Exercise is beautiful always do what you love."

@emmachxrlotte_ on Twitter
Emma's thoughts: "I’ve recently been making a real effort to be healthier. When I say healthier though, I don’t
mean cutting every last source of carbohydrates and sugars out of my diet, I mean still
eating some of the less healthy things that I enjoy but adding in a lot more fruits and veg.
Over the past couple of months I’ve been taking an all round multi-vitamin and been having
anywhere between five and ten portions of fruit and veg a day. In my opinion, completely
eliminating an entire food group (such as carbs for example) is completely unhealthy.
Therefore, I still have a couple of crumpets for breakfast with my fruit smoothie, and I think
there’s nothing wrong with that.

It’s all about moderation for me. It’s good to treat yourself to a chocolate bar – as long as
it’s once or twice a week and not five a day. Just don’t cut chocolate out all together. Firstly,
because it’s nice to treat yourself occasionally and you damn deserve it so why not? We also
need these fats, they help our body to function.

Therefore, since January/February I’ve been making a conscious effort to continue eating
the bad things, just less. Meanwhile, I’ve incorporated lots of good stuff into my diet.
I’m not a huge fan of sitting and eating a bowl full of fruit, so I make it easy for myself and
once a day I make a huge smoothie packed full of fruits and seeds. It takes minutes to make
and I can cram five portions all in one drink.

As a result, I’ve noticed a huge difference in my hair, skin and nails and I’ve got a lot more
energy. Therefore, I’ve started exercising more and incorporating more protein into my diet
and am attempting to build up more muscle.

I’m not trying to lose weight at all, I just want to be healthier and so far I’m feeling all the right kinds of effects and loving it. I think it’s important that we don’t all think the only way
to be healthy is to live off of water and spinach – we can still eat chocolate.

@itsallzara on Twitter
My thoughts: "To me, health and fitness has been a huge battle due to having major body issues and confidence problems. I've suffered through eating disorders and hating the way I looked and I've obsessed over the gym and working out. Now I'm in a much better place and I exercise and eat (mostly) healthy every day in an attempt to lose some extra weight. I enjoy my gym as it isn't just treadmills and dumbbells, there are swimming facilities, the option of badminton and fitness classes. I'm finally settled in a routine and it feels wonderful".


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