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Interacting With The Blogging Community

June 01, 2017

Okay, so you've made your blog, got your cute little theme set up and have written your first post - How do you get it out there?? How do you get other bloggers to notice you?? Have no fear, this post will give you some tips and ideas on interacting with other bloggers and promoting your posts!

1. Blogger RT accounts
These are accounts specifically designed to promote and retweet your blog posts, drawing attention to them on a bigger scale - I personally wouldn't be anywhere without them and although I have a few loyal followers who check my blog, RT accounts really help. By them sharing your posts with the people who follow them, more people are likely to see them and think "ooh now that sounds like a good read" and BAM! more blog traffic comes your way. Below are some of the ones I use and a couple I run myself!

@allthoseblogs (Run by myself and a few others)


#itsallzara (My personal #)

2. Blogger Chats
Most of these accounts also host blog chats that you can join in with and interact with other bloggers while discussing a specific topic during that chat. The topics themselves can range from Disney, movies, music and TV shows to beauty, cooking, personal favourites or blogging itself so even if a topic doesn't interest you one week, make sure to keep an eye out next time in case its right up your alley! Below is the chat schedule I go by when I want to join a blogger chat;

Super proud to see my chat on there *wipes tear*
3. Blogger Friends
I've made a few lovely friends through blogging since I started in January, and one of the way I've done this is by commenting on, sharing or liking their blog posts that appealed to me. Whether you're a beauty blogger that likes reading reviews of cosmetics, a food blogger that enjoys skimming through recipes or a lifestyle blogger than finds it fun to peruse the adventures of others - There is room for ALL of you (despite what others may say) and it all starts with little things. A few comments on a persons post here, a tweet telling someone you enjoy their work there; it adds up! 

4. Hosting Blog Chats.
This is a follow on from my section on blog chats, another great way to interact with bloggers is to host one! I've personally hosted a fair few, not just my own, I've also hosted #GRLPOWR, #thebloggershub and #Girlbossnet - It is an amazing opportunity and you see a huge variety of answers that gives you the chance to chat about all sorts! To host a chat you can DM or ask a page on Twitter and they will see if they have a slot for you, I personally am looking for hosts for both the #itsallzara chat and the @allthoseblogs chat all the time so you can always pop me a message!

5. Guest posts
One of the best ways to talk one on one with bloggers is to offer or advertise regarding guest posting, this is where you or another person writes a blog post and when posted on another persons blog it can cause a few curious folk to wander over to your page. For example I usually have 3 bloggers write for my Let's Talk segments every week and I include their Twitter handle, blog and photo to give them full credit on their hard work.

Those are just a few ways to get more in touch with other bloggers and I hope this post was helpful for those of you who are a bit new to it all! 


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  1. This is SUCH a useful post! Thank you so much for sharing your advice! So far the blogging community has been so friendly and welcoming and I can’t wait to explore it further :) I’ll definitely be taking on this advice!
    Freya x

  2. So many tips, love the list regarding the blogger chats. What time zone is it?
    x finja | www.effcaa.com

  3. Great post, Zara!!!
    I've been missing out on chats lately but hope to have more time in the upcoming weeks. :)

    xo B,
    Porty's Diary | Facebook | Bloglovin | Blogs Portugal

    1. Aw hope you find time to make some soon! xx

  4. Oh wow I'm loving this post so much, especially the little times list you put together for Twitter chats! I've been after something like this FOREVER! I think I might copy it into my journal! :D

    I really need to take part in more chats. :')


    1. Glad you enjoyed it! Yes feel free to save the chat schedule, I didn't make it! xx

  5. Best opportunity is hosting grlpowr - ohh my gosh, I had so much fun but, i was overwhelm with all the love and support. that's what it's all about is the love and the support from each accounts and there's more accounts that has been truly amazing plus the love and support from other bloggers is amazing and I love that cause that's what it's all about. Chats are always amazing, I've been missing a lot of them butttt only because I'm working on a new project lol but, I love your tips and those are very helpful because no one is going to see your amazing work if you don't put yourself out there. Also,for those who are new to the blogging world - don't forget to be yourself plus don't listen to the noise and don't let fear get to you. I always say kick fear in the face ❤️.

    Much love,


    1. Ohh I love hosting GRLPOWR for sure! Glad you enjoyed my posts xx

  6. some nice tips, I love twitterchats, and you're right without RT accounts I'd be nowhere.

    Hannah @ The Northern Writes | www.thenorthernwrites.co.uk

  7. Thank you for this post. I'm going to bookmark it. When I'm scheduling my tweets I always use the same RT accounts and tags. It'll be good to mix it up.

    Also if you like my content at all I'd be really interested in getting involved in your "Let's Talk" segment.

    V <3

    1. Thank you for your comment! If you'd like to discuss a collaboration further feel free to tweet me or email me! xx

  8. Girl! I am loving this blog post so useful, I really love using blogger rt accounts and meeting so many amazing people via those. Plus I wouldn't have been able to read this amazing post if I didn't see it on bloggerstribe! Great advice x

    1. Aw glad it could be of assistance! xx

  9. This was such a usual post, having everything clearly laid out to follow. Thank you for the advice! (and also for the blogger chat schedule, I can never find that thing when I want it, haha!) :) xx

    1. You're very welcome glad it was helpful! xx

  10. This is such a useful post! I so wish I had seen something like this when I first started blogging, because I literally had no idea how to get involved with the blogging community and really felt like an outsider just looking in on all these blogger friends! It took me a year to start getting involved with blogger chats and things, and I thoroughly enjoy them.

    Thanks for such a helpful post!


    1. So glad you found this post useful! xx