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How To Prepare For Your Holiday!

June 05, 2017

If you're one of the lucky people getting to jet off on holiday this summer then first off I am incredibly jealous, and second here is a blog post with a few tips and ideas you can follow to be more prepared for your departure! Whether you are going by train, car, plane or boat this blog post may just help you out.

1. What are you wearing?
That's not me being creepy either, what I mean is are you wearing something comfortable and suitable for your environment? For me I always traveled to Italy via train and plane, so I had to compensate for cool airports but over packed and warm trains. I always opt for a light shirt, leggings, sneakers and a light jacket when I'm in England but when we land in Italy I change into a tank top and skirt, a dress or shorts and a t shirt with sandals. I highly suggest laying your outfit out the night before you travel so you can just get changed as fast as possible and save any rush!

Actual me on a train in 2015.
2. Check your travel times, and check again.
One thing I can't stress enough is to know exactly when you're due to travel, if you have a taxi ordered to pick you up call the firm either the night before or a few hours before to confirm it, you don't want to be let down by a confused taxi driver. If you're going to an airport give yourself enough time to get there before bag check ins and boarding just in case you need to stop, you hit heavy traffic or there are unexpected delays. Same for trains, make sure you arrive at the station with enough time to cope if something goes wrong. You can even set reminders on your phone or get a little planner to write the times in if you need extra confirmation!

3. If going by car, is the car reliable?
This is something I speak of from experience, the day me and my boyfriend were due to go to Manchester for a weekend his car died and we made our hotel check in by half an hour, I was cursing. Double check your car or get it booked in for a last minute MOT to avoid any break downs, issues and inevitable arguments. Trust me, you don't want to be sat on the motorway in your sandals and sunglasses yelling "I TOLD YOU TO GET IT CHECKED!" at your partner, it's not a good look!

4. Do you have everything?
The amount of times I've been sat on my bed in my home in Italy and I thought "I forgot my ___!" is astounding, so below is a checklist of things you may/will need for your holiday, check them off before you go;

• Phone
• Phone charger
• Purse/wallet
• Money
• Keys
• Passport
• Train tickets
• ID (for drinking at the airport, I used my passport though)

Apart from that, have a safe trip and don't forget to take lots of photos for me to be nosy! 

Brindisi airport in Italy!

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  1. I always wear an outfit that won't take ages to remove jewellery and shoes at security! And something comfy :)

    1. I do the opposite just to be awkward I wear loads of jewellery haha xx

  2. These are great tips, this post makes a good holiday checklist. However, I'll be sitting with you on the jealous train.

    1. All aboard the jealous train! I would take a ride on that if it meant going SOMEWHERE this summer haha xx

  3. This literally feels like my life, I always go through all of these points! I have to make lists and all sorts, I am a stresshead!


    1. Me too! The amount of times I've gotten to Italy and remembered something I forgot is astounding xx